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Introducing the Sharp Pro Series Monochrome Document Systems

Video Length - 03:16

From walk-up office environments and corporate data centers to high-volume CRD and copy rooms, Sharp's new MX-M1056 and MX-M1206 High-Speed and Light Production Monochrome Series provide advanced technology and features that will streamline your document workflow like never before.  

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FEMALE SPEAKER: As part of our overall office-technology portfolio, Sharp offers a full line of document systems to help customers get the machines best suited for their needs. And as industry leaders, we're constantly innovating our printing solutions to better serve the modern office environment.

From scan-centric environments to in-house print facilities, Sharp Pro Series Monochrome Document Systems-- the MX-M1056 and MX-M1206-- deliver advanced features that can help streamline your workflow. And built on proven technology, with award-winning reliability, they can handle the rigorous demands of high-volume environments.

Offering the highest performance-boosting power in its class, the new Fiery print server turns the Sharp Pro Series monochrome models into power-packed workhorses. Based on the latest Fiery system software, the new print server enables features that can shorten turnaround times and produce fully-finished jobs. The new Fiery print servers also utilize the Fiery Command WorkStation as a centralized solution for print-job management.

The intuitive interface allows operators to monitor, prepare, and troubleshoot jobs for production from multiple client computers or locally from the award-winning Sharp Pro Series touchscreen display. The touchscreen display itself offers a user-friendly graphical user interface, with simplified Easy Modes and quick access to network services.

Sharp is among the first in our industry to offer fully automated multi-functional GBC SmartPunch Plus, an inline professional finishing solution. This technology provides greater productivity and flexibility. With the new double-punch, crease, and perforation dies, customers can expand their finishing capabilities like never before.

Additionally, the SmartPunch Plus operation panel decreases operator time, and provides increased control and convenience, saving valuable time and money. In a world where network-security concerns are more prevalent than ever, companies may overlook their print environments' security. New Sharp MFPs feature multilayered, leading-edge security features that provide strong protection for customer data and personal information.

These models have a feature that can be used to wipe all memory clean, so customers have peace of mind that all sensitive data has been removed when an MFP is decommissioned. With an advanced print server, productive features, and enhanced security, the new Sharp Pro Series monochrome models empower businesses to work simply smarter.