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PN-C Series of Economic Classroom Displays

Video Length - 01:15

Sharp introduces PN-C Series of economic classroom displays at InfoComm 2019.


Video Transcript



Steve Brauner (Senior Product Manager for Sharp's Professional Display Division):

Hi, I'm Steve Brauner senior product manager for Sharp's Professional Display Division. We're here at Infocomm 2019 in one of our virtual office spaces, and in this case, we're showing a brand new PN-C series. We're expecting to launch this in October.

Steve standing in front of a Sharp PN-C display with an Economical Education Solutions title above it.

PN-C, you can think of C for classroom because these are optimized as an economic education solution for the K through 12 classroom. What's unique about these products is that they now have 4K resolution. Our previous AQUOS BOARDS were 1080 but these are all now 4K and they have a built in SOC or system on chip controller. That means that all the whiteboarding function that you see here is controlled directly from the display itself without having to add an external computer. This offers multi touch about 10 points, and you're able to copy and annotate and save your files and lead a really productive class with this device.

Steve demonstrates the multi-touch function by running his fingers across the board which shows the marks from his fingers

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