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PN-L Series of 4K Ultra HD AQUOS BOARD Interactive Display Systems

Video Length - 01:38

PN-L Series of 4K Ultra HD AQUOS BOARD Interactive Display Systems


Video Transcription



Steve Brauner (Senior Product Manger Sharp Professional Display Division):

Hi, I'm Steve Brauner, senior product manager for Sharp's Professional Display Division. We're here at Infocomm 2019 in our Collaborate conference room here, and we're showing off the brand new PN-L Series, which we're launching next month. This series is offered in 65, 75 inch and 85 inch class sizes. And this AQUOS BOARD is unique because it has a 4K display, and it also offers multi touch and a built in system on chip controller or SOC.

Steve Brauner stands right next to the PN-L Series display screen where there are multiple files opened at the same time, a informative diagram, 2D blueprints and a flyer. The informative diagram is the one currently selected because it has a border around it indicating it is currently selected.

Here we're showing a touch viewer application which lets you have various documents open. You can manipulate them, move them around, annotate on top of them and save all this. So after you finish a meeting, you can come back and jump right back in from where you left off. This display also features a new touch technology called InGlass IR, created by Flat Frog Technologies and InGlass, really, what it means is that the IR touch is built into the glass and it kind of bridges the gap between traditional infrared touch and projected capacitive. This would be kind of the middle of the line of the AQUOS BOARDS where we also have the PN-C and this is the PN-L. And then at the very top, we have the Windows collaboration displays. So if you'd like to find out any more information about this or any other Sharp product, visit us on the Web.

Steve Brauner moves the informative diagram around the screen by dragging it across the screen, he then scales it down by pinching his fingers, and he also zooms into the flyer by moving his fingers apart.