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Project Management on the Sharp AQUOS BOARD

See how you can use the Sharp AQUOS BOARD for Project Management in a corporate setting.


Video Transcription




Barbara Mikrut (Media Developer/Sales Trainer):

Let's demonstrate how we can use the AQUOS BOARD in the corporate setting, if we're using it for project management

A woman stands in front of an AQUOS BOARD.

If we open up Pen Software to a brand new page, you can go into your settings here and click on or tap on the view tab.

She clicks the tool icon in the bottom menu bar and then selects the View tab from the pop up.

Here you can choose to show or hide the grid lines in the back. We're going to hide them for now and tap OK.

She clicks the hide button for the grid line option and then presses OK.

Now, to change the background of the screen, we go into the pages icon and tap on the settings for that page.

She presses the pages icon on the bottom left of the screen. From the pop up, she selects the first page and clicks the tool icon above it. A pop up appears in the center of the screen with options for background color and background image.

Here, you'll see a box for background image. Make sure you select that box and then tap a reference.

She checks off the box for background image and then clicks the reference button.

From your menu you can choose a background from your documents or you can use the backgrounds preloaded to your AQUOS BOARD. Here, we'll use the action plan.

Another pop up appears shows the locations of all her files. She selects “Background” and her background files are shown. She selects the file “action plan” and presses OK.

Now, let's just exit out of all of our windows just tapping on the page's icon again from here, you can use your pen as it's set. So let's see our pen settings. If we tap our square menu, tap on pen one, tap on it again, you'll see that we have a pen set to the pen tip is a pen, the line with this two, the color is in black and we have smoothing on. Let's actually turn smoothing off or you can leave it as is.

She presses on the Pages icon twice, expanding and then closing the pages options. She clicks on the square menu, selects Pen 1 and presses it again to see Pen 1’s features. A pop up shows the different types of pens, line width, line color and other effects like translucent and smoothing. She unchecks the smoothing option. She closes the pop up.

So now using your finger or a pen, touch pen, you can write uh a sample such as John has a sales report and it's due Tuesday. Another one would be Maria has a webinar on Friday.

She lifts her hand and then picks up a touch pen to show to the camera. Using her index finger, she writes “John” in the Name column, “Sales Report” in Plan/Destination, and “Due Tues” in Remarks. She writes another example with Maria in the next row.

Some of the things that you can do with Pen Software 3.0 is select any of the words that you wrote on the screen. So we opened up our square menu and chose the selection tool

She lifts her hand and then picks up a touch pen to show to the camera. Using her index finger, she writes “John” in the Name column, “Sales Report” in Plan/Destination, and “Due Tues” in Remarks. She writes another example with Maria in the next row.

Here, you can use any of these touch selectors. We're going to use the rectangular selection toolto select the name John. Here, you'll show that you can go in to this to toolbar on the bottom and convert the word to text.

Using a dragging motion, she creates a dotted box around “John”. Once she releases her finger, options for editing the selected text. She clicks “Convert to Text” and the handwritten letters change to typed letters.

You can select the word again to change its properties, change the font type, maybe we'll change it to uh this font type here, changed the color of the font to blue and change font styles. Let's make it bold. You can also add a fill color, let's say yellow or let's leave it at no fill.

She reselects John using the rectangular selection tool and selects the properties option from the pop up. Options to edit the text appear including color, font, fill color and size. She selects a new font type, text color blue, font style bold, and fill color yellow. The white box space around the name John turns yellow. She selects the no fill option and the space around John returns to translucent background.

Now, other things you can do, you can move this word anywhere across the screen, rotate it from here or from the menu down here. You can also expand the word by dragging it out at any corner and move it again across the screen.

She drags “John” to the center of the screen and uses the pivot point above the box to rotate John 360 degrees around. She drags one corner of the box outward to increase the size of John. She recenters the box by dragging it to the middle of the screen.

Now, if we wanted to minimize the word again and put it back up here, we can select multiple words using our selection tool. So taking the rectangular selection tool again, we'll select that first whole row. We can choose to group or ungroup the words. We're going to group the words together. And now if we go into our selection tool, take this touch selector, we can move this entire row down to another line.

She drags a corner of the box inward to shrink John and moves the box over to the top left corner of the screen under the Name column. She opens the square menu, clicks the Select icon, and then clicks the rectangle selection tool. Using the rectangle selection tool, she creates a large rectangle around John, Sales Report, and Due Tues. She selects the group option. She opens the square menu and reselects the selection tool and drags the line of words down to a new row.

This is especially useful for large projects, big meetings where you're talking to your entire team. The great thing about this feature is that it comes preloaded on the AQUOS BOARD and it's also customizable. You're able to upload your own PDFs and put them up as a background to work on.


Another great thing you can do while still on this page is go into your square menu here, tap on pen two and use the figure pen in the same settings we have here in width of two and the color red to draw a circle around the word report.

She opens the square menu, selects Pen 2 and selects the Figure Pen feature. She closes the pop up and draws a circle around the word “report”.

Pen Software recognizes this shape as a circle and turns it into a shape that you can move across the board and across your page. So here I am moving it across the board. I can even change its shape, turn it into more of a flattened circle and rotate it from here as well.

The hand drawn circle corrects itself to become a smooth computerized circle. She selects the touch selection option from the square menu and drags the circle around the screen. She uses a point on the circle to flatten it and then rotates it using the rotation point.

Now other things you can do, you can cut copy, you can duplicate delete you can rotate from here or even change the circle's order. You can also change properties and you can change the color on the fly. So, we're going to make it a blue shape with a blue fill.

She points at the different options on the circle’s pop-up menu. She clicks the properties option and selects a blue line color and blue fill color. The circle is now filled in blue.

Or If I'm unhappy with this, I can go ahead and erase it and I'm back to my original action plan. So, it's an easy tool, easy to access. And there's so much you can do with writing and moving objects up on the board.

She reselects the circle and clicks delete. The circle disappears from the workspace.