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Save Files from the Drawing Function on the AQUOS BOARD® PN-C Series

Video Length - 01:57

In this short tutorial learn how to save a file from Direct Drawing as well as how to add an image to direct drawing on the Sharp PN-C AQUOS BOARD® Interactive Display Series.

Video Trascription



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Female Speaker:

In this demonstration, we will cover how to save files from the whiteboard on the PN-C series. Using the drawing function, the entire screen becomes a whiteboard that allows you to draw and take notes.

The Aquos Board is shown in the middle of the frame with a blank whiteboard.

To open an image file on the whiteboard, select options on the function bar at the bottom of the screen. Select insert pic. Select internal storage. Then select an image.

She taps on the third icon, three dots, from the right, which opens a new menu where she taps on the last option from the top row. A new pop up opens in the middle where she taps the only option and then a new menu with different images opens. She taps on the bottom right option which then makes the image appear on the whiteboard.

Once on the whiteboard, you can enlarge or reduce the size of an image and move it around the display.

Once on the whiteboard, you can enlarge or reduce the size of an image and move it around the display.

You can also draw and take notes on the image.

She taps on the pencil icon on the bottom menu, which is the first option to the left, it extends to another menu which has options of stroke weight, and color. She taps on the color red. Then using her finger, she draws arrows and circles things on the picture.

To save the image as a new file, select options, save as and then select internal storage. You can save the file as a PNG or PDF file. Rename the file and select save.

She repeats the process of taping the options icon, and this time in the following menu she taps on the first icon. Which then opens a pop-up menu in the middle of the screen. She taps on the icon in the middle then two icons appear. She taps on the PDF icon or the right icon. Then using the onscreen keyboard, she renames the file.

Insert a USB drive. Save the file to the USB drive by selecting USB. Continue this process as previously demonstrated.

She inserts a USB to the ports located at the front of the screen. She repeats the previous process, but a new option is present in the menu labeled USB which she taps on.

To access a saved file from the home screen, select File Explorer. Select the whiteboard folder and locate the saved file. Select and hold the saved file for more options.

The screen changes to a main menu screen for the Aquos Board, where she taps on the folder icon located at the bottom middle. A new screen is initialized, and she taps on the folder titled “whiteboard”, which was the last folder. There she taps the first folder and then holds on to the image afterwards which prompts a new popup menu at the center.