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Save Files from the Drawing Function on the AQUOS BOARD® PN-L Series

Video Length - 03:26

In this short tutorial learn how to save a file from Direct Drawing as well as how to add an image to direct drawing on the Sharp PN-L AQUOS BOARD® Interactive Display Series.

Video Transcription



[intro music begins]


Female Speaker:

In this demonstration, we will cover how to save a file from direct drawing, as well as how to add an image to direct drawing on the PN-L series. 

The Aquos Board is in the center where someone clicks on the direct drawing option on the bottom right. The screen turns white and then she clicks the first option from the top on the left-hand side option menu. Afterwards she writes Sharp on the screen using her finger

Once you have your file that you would like to save, select the options button and select file. Select Save. You have the option to save to an existing folder or create a new folder. We will save to an existing folder. Select the folder you would like to save to. Select the file you are saving and rename the file. Once you have renamed your file, select save. Your file will be saved to the folder.

The camera is zoomed in to the bottom left corner option menu where the speaker selects the second to bottom option and another side menu appears and she clicks the first icon. A pop-up menu appears at the center of the screen where she clicks the Save option. The screen switches and a new side bar navigation appears where she selects the last option opening a new window. There she clicks on one of the options listed and then clicks the bottom where the file name is located to rename it with the on-screen keyboard. The camera zooms into the save option located at the top right-hand side of the onscreen keyboard and she taps on it.

To open the file, we're going to close a file that is currently open. Select options. Select File , and select Open File. Select open without saving. Select the file you would like to open.

She clicks the “x” located at the center bottom menu, she then makes her way back to the side icons, where she taps on the second to last one, and then the first icon, once the pop-up menu appears she taps on the “Open File” option. She clicks “Open without saving” and then the screen changes to displaying all the files saved where she clicks the first option.

Now we will go over how to save a file to a new folder. Select Options. Select File and select Save. Select Options at the top right of the display. Select new folder, Name your folder and select okay. Rename your file and select Save. Your file will be saved to the new folder.

She repeats the steps of tapping the second to last icon, then the first, but in the pop-up menu she selects “Save”. When the screen changes, she clicks the three-dot icon at the top right of the screen. A new menu is opened where she taps on the first option or “New Folder”. She then uses the onscreen keyboard to rename the folder, and then taps the save option. Afterwards she does the same process to rename the file.

Once you have your file that you would like to save, insert your USB drive. Select options and select file. Select save and select the USB drive you would like to save to.

The scene changes to showcase the ports located at the back of the screen where they insert a USB drive. A zoom in shot of her selecting the options icon at the bottom left, and then the first icon from the new menu. At the pop-up menu, she selects the “Save” option. The screen changes and in the left-hand sidebar navigation she taps om the last option or the USB drive.

To add a file to the drawing function, select options, Select file and select insert a PDF or image to background. Select the image you would like to have added. Once the image is imported, you can draw and take notes on the image.

The speaker repeats the process of opening the save pop-up menu but selects insert a PDF or image to background when the pop-up menu appears. She then navigates to the hamburger menu icon, which opens a side bar navigation menu where she selects Images or the first option. From there she clicks on the folder called wallpapers and taps on the second image. The background changes to the image and she writes flowers on top of the image using her finger.

Once you would like to save your file, select options. Select file and select save.

She repeats the process of opening the save menu by clicking the options icon and then the file icon.

When wirelessly connected to the display, select the edit icon at the bottom left of the display. This will take a screen capture of the display and import it to the drawing function. Once you select the page to import it to, select the prompt to import the Image. From there, you can annotate and make notes on the image. Please note this function will disconnect your device from the display.

A new screen is shown with a line graph titled Sales Projection, where at the bottom left there is a circular button that she taps on. The screen turns white and there is a prompt at the bottom center notifying the user a screenshot was taken. She uses the bottom center menu to navigate through pages before pressing the prompt to place the image. Once she taps on the prompt the background changes to the line graph and using her finger, she circles points in the graph