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Sharp Unveils Its 80″ 8K Display

Video Length - 00:58

Stephen Brauner reports from Digital Signage Expo 2019 to review the Sharp 80-inch 8K display, available in the summer 2019.


Video Transcript



Steve Brauner (Senior Product Manager for Sharp's Professional Display Division):

Hi, I'm Steve Brauner, senior product manager for Sharp's Professional Display Division. We're here once again at Digital Signage Expo two thousand nineteen. The booth theme this year is 4K and beyond, and we are really going beyond 4K.

Steve standing in front of a Sharp 80 inch 8K display showing a series of very vivid images.

We have 8K displayed right up here in a stunning eighty inch class display that's going to be available in the summer of two thousand nineteen. You can see looking at this image the darkness, the depth of color, actually thirty three million pixels across the entire canvas, with high dynamic range and very wide color gamut. This is going to be a game changer, and this is the next generation type product for digital signage. For both now and in the future.


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