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Sharp BP-90C80 Pro Series Color Digital Press Demo

Video Length - 04:35

Kent Villarreal, Sr. Product Manager, introduces the Sharp BP-90C80 Pro Series Digital Press. This machine is all about saving time, space and cost. One of the key features of this product is being able to print booklets with full bleed on standard size paper. Watch the demo to learn more or visit

Video Transcription



Kent Villarreal (Sr. Product Manger – Production):

This is our uh our Pro Series product. It's a, it's the BP-90C80 and C70 product, 80 page per minute color and black and white, both in uh you know, two speeds at 70 pages per minute and and 80 pages per minute. So what we're showing here today is applications. It's all about applications, all about automation, saving time, money, space, everything that you need in the print industry to be profitable and to be able to  save costs.


One of the key features of this product is being able to do booklets on standard size papers. So the way that we do that is full bleed all the way top and bottom on 11 by 17 paper to give you a finish size of letter size book. And the way that we do that is we print to the edges of the book, you could see nice, beautiful page. Everybody loves full bleed and we do it the best in the industry because we're able to do it on standard size sheets. So you don't have to cut it down. You don't have to use the two edge trimmer. It's a simple fold and with, with the Plockmatic, you get the square fold and a face trim and you get a beautiful book.


So what we are actually showing here today is the addition of some other applications. You see a bunch of statement size books here. Uh this was a huge request from our customers. And with, with this model that we launched in September of 2023 we can now do statement size book on letter size sheets, unheard of in this market for toner base. Nobody can do it. Sharp is the only one to do it. We're very excited about that and, and all of the attendees that come by here can't believe that we could do this. So I want everybody to come by and see it. Great application saves a lot of time, saves a lot of money and actually some floor space as well.


Um in addition to that, you can see we have this long paper feed tray and we have these long sheets, we can also print to the edges this way and this way to do this application. We have the GBC SmartPunch Plus uh which is, which is a new version of GBC. Great partner for Sharp that has a crease die so with two creases, you have a six panel brochure that for doing short runs, you get a nice, beautiful brochure and this is actually a brochure on the machine, application for trade shows. Perfect, short runs.


So that's some of some of the applications that we're showing. Of course, it, it does beautiful imagery. Um It prints at, at 2400 by 2400 DPI up to 360 GSM uh auto duplexed and at rated speed for 220 GSM uh for this machine. So, 80 pages per minute for 2200 and 20 GSM, which is 80lb cover.


Another great feature that we have with the Pro Series models is the really easy interface that it has to be able to manage your jobs. So we start off with a familiar screen with the image. We got the large touchscreen display, 15.4 inch display. You can go into your paper settings, go and set up your media and then once you have that set up, you can go right into the Fiery Command WorkStation. And as you notice here, you have just a simple button, get you right into the Fiery Command WorkStation.

Villarreal gestures to the right side of the touchscreen display at the Fiery Command WorkStation button.

And we also have a hallmark of Sharp, which we have integrated, swing out keyboards. Uh And with the Fiery option, uh you get the optional touch pad. But with a simple wireless mouse, you have a full workstation here that you have full access to command workstation to be able to manage your jobs.


Here at Sharp, we're excited to work with you. We have the right product and we're the right partner.