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Sharp ePaper Displays

Video Length - 01:47

Sharp ePaper displays are making a significant step forward in the carbon-neutral era. With an always on 13.3" and 25.3" display and as low as zero watt power consumption, it creates remarkably brilliant images even in brightly-lit environments. With a paper-like view, wide viewing angle and no backlight, the Sharp ePaper display is easy on your eyes. Updating content is simplified using either the PC, USB-C thumb drive, Wireless or Bluetooth connections.  Learn more about this groundbreaking, energy-efficient technology in this video!

Video Transcription



Rich McPherson (Product Manager, ePaper Display):

We've recently launched our ePaper displays. ePaper technology is completely different than that of LCD. The key strength about ePaper displays is that they don't use any power. For the few seconds of switching content, power is required. But after that, the image stays on, there is no backlight and the content is viewable, thanks to ambient light. The brighter the ambient light, the brighter the picture.


Our ePaper displays, both 25 and 13 inch are developed using recycled materials which adds to our sustainability message. It brings zero power consumption to environments where information does not quickly change. It may change once a day, once a month or even once a year.

25.3”: 3,200 x 1,800 (149dpi) 

13”: 1,600 x 1,200 (150dpi) 

There are many different applications such as menu boards, way finding, rental applications, events and even basic signage.

An image of the two display dimension options is shown with portrait, landscape, face-up, and face-down listed as supported orientations.

With the addition of ePaper to your applications, TCO is more attractive as continuous printing of poster boards and flyers is eliminated. Additionally, with no power being required to display an image, you lower your carbon footprint.


At first glance, ePaper appears as either a print ad or piece of artwork, providing the same colors in a more natural way, blending in with the background.


The product was developed in-house based on EE panel technology. There are a multitude of ways to connect and send images to the display. We're working closely with our current LCD display CMS partners to have this display integrated in any digital signage.

An image of the back of an ePaper display is shown with USB-C (computer), USB-C (flash drive), and a CMS system (wireless/Bluetooth connection) as three different ways to update the display.

Wherever you have static content that does not change with any regularity over a daily or even weekly cycle. That's where ePaper is a great solution.