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Simply Smarter Work: Accelerate Communication & Collaboration

Video Length - 01:19

Video Trnascription



Female Speaker:

In many offices today, communication takes place in the form of digital and printed information, but technology often limits our ability to do this effectively. Work never stops, so neither should communication.

A montage of people using laptops and mobile phones to do office work plays.

A Sharp Simply Smarter office leverages modern print environments to provide the reliability needed to print important information while lowering costs by eliminating waste and over provisioning. Additionally, integrated cloud files with multiple collaboration devices and multi-function printers can improve information sharing as employees move throughout the office

A Sharp MFPs printer connected with Amazon Alexa is shown doing a print job then an animation using iconography to showcase how the cloud files can make collaboration possible.

Networked displays, AQUOS Board interactive displays, or the Windows collaboration display from Sharp can work alongside powerful, flexible Dynabook laptop computing technology to bring meetings to life and make them more productive from anywhere. Communication will always be needed so shouldn't it be easy and engaging?

Someone on a laptop connects to a Windows collaboration display located inside a conference room, where others are present and wave at her as the meeting begins.