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Synappx™ Workspaces - For a Simply Smarter Workplace

Video Length - 02:30

As many organizations assess how to safely return to the office, analytical data is becoming an increasingly valuable tool to facilitate employee productivity. See how by using the power of data and analytics generated by Synappx Workspaces you can make your workplace simply smarter.

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As many organizations assess how to safely return to the office, analytical data is becoming an increasingly valuable tool to facilitate employee productivity.

An animated 2-D graphic of a clipboard being checked off with the title Safety Guideline is shown at the center.

Sharp understands the importance of effective collaboration and how crucial it is to the success of your business. However empowering employees with effective collaboration resources, and technology could be more complicated from a management team's point of view.

A 2-D graphic of two people working together on a laptop, then a 2-D graphic of a laptop becomes surrounded by different icons representing different technologies like a cloud drive.

In the age of social distancing mandates, employees might struggle to find an appropriate meeting room. Organizations may need to decide if additional real estate is required, or whether employees favor some meeting rooms over others. Are employees booking rooms and not attending the meetings? Or are some meeting rooms undesirable because of their environment? The answers to these questions are not only valuable but necessary to help your business collaborate efficiently and strive for productivity. But how can organizations get the data they need to help implement change, increase productivity and promote employee satisfaction?

A 2-D graphic of a sign showing the capacity limit changing from 3 to 2. Then another graphic appears of a meeting setting with 3 people in the conference room but then one fades out. A building then appears which is separated into different rooms, where the camera zooms into each one.

Introducing Synappx Workspaces. Working through the Windows Collaboration display from Sharp, it's a solution that provides businesses with insights into their successes and even the return on investment of their collaboration and workspace investments. Combined with Microsoft 365 calendar data and sensor data from the Windows collaboration display from Sharp Synappx Workspaces can help organizations identify factors that can impact effective collaboration.

Animated logo for Synappx Workspace appears in the middle then fades out to examples of line graphs and bar graphs produced by Synappx Workspace. The IoT sensor is zoomed into on a Windows collaboration display afterwards.

Data from Synappx Workspaces can be curated into custom reports that track operational usage and environmental analytics to illustrate the changes and workspace conditions that ultimately impact individual and group productivity. This enables organizations to proactively identify and resolve issues while simultaneously assessing the benefits of their technology and workspace investments. Whether you have a single or multiple meeting spaces, Synappx WorkSpaces uses the power of data and analytics to make the workplace simply smarter.

A screen recording of how the UI of the Synappx Workspace looks. Different graphs are shown measuring different factors of the room like lighting and temperature. Then a short animation plays showing a single meeting space then two more appearing on each side.

Leverage the 90 day trial license for Synappx WorkSpaces that is bundled with each windows collaboration display from Sharp to start your organization's journey to a smarter, more engaging workplace.

A windows collaboration display appears, and the screen fades out to different views of the UI on the screen.