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The Simply Smarter Workplace

Video Length - 03:31

The world of work has evolved. Workers are accustomed to smart-home technologies and expect the same advantages at work. But many offices lack the time and expertise to take advantage of what’s available. Access to cloud technology has leveled the playing field and given companies of all sizes access to advanced work tools. Success today is about how you use that technology.

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Female Speaker:

The world of work has evolved. Access to cloud technology has leveled the playing fields and given access to advanced work tools.

Employees wear masks and are working in an office with plastic shields. A cloud icon with tool icons inside appears on screen.

Now it's not necessarily what technology you have that matters. It's how you use it.

A man is looking at his phone and typing on the computer.

Workers are accustomed to smart home technologies and expect the same advantages at work. But many offices lack the time and expertise to take advantage of what's available.

The screen is split in half and shows two woman using cloud-based voice service devices. A clock icon and a star icon appear on the screen.

Sharp offers technology solutions that are easy to use, versatile and can empower your employees to work simply smarter. What can a smarter work environment do for you?

The thumbs up icon, setting icon, and podium icon appear. Accelerate Communication & Collaboration.

Work never stops. So neither should communication. The simply smarter office can integrate cloud files with personal laptops, multi-function printers and multiple collaboration devices to improve information sharing as employees move throughout the office.

There is a timelapse of an office with people working and moving up and down the stairs. Lines extend downward from a cloud icon to a laptop icon, printer icon and a large display icon.

Collaboration devices are designed to complement industry leading communication tools, making physical and virtual meetings more productive from anywhere.

A woman on a Teams call shares her screen with the WCD display. Her coworker’s face is shown on the large display screen in a meeting room with three other people. The coworker uses her Dynabook laptop to conduct her Teams call from home.

Communication will always be needed. So, shouldn't it be easy?

Two masked employees have a discussion while looking at the large display. Digitize Documents & Workflows.

Work isn't fully optimized until daily workflows are streamlined.

A woman flips through a stack of printed charts and graphs, and then types on her computer.

Sharp offers solutions to improve document visibility across teams and simplify document workflows with advanced software.

Two people icons look at a document icon. A line points from the document icon to a printer icon and then to a person icon.

By making employee access and collaboration less cumbersome, it's possible to decrease errors, improve compliance and speed decision making across teams.

The locked folder icon and speed meter icon change to unlocked folder icon and a high-speed meter icon. An X turns into a check mark. A lightbulb icon appears. Improve Efficiencies & Reduce Cost.

Few organizations truly understand how much it costs to print, who is printing the most and the condition or status of all their devices.

Paper piles up on the MFP output tray and there is a dollar sign icon. Icons of a man and woman appear. A computer icon appears.

Sharp and our dealer partners can assess your environment and deploy software to give you the real perspective on your costs, how to save via consolidation or updating your equipment or insight into what may be driving up your expenses.

3 people icons appear, the center one is red, representing Sharp. A bar chart shows growth. Two printer icons merge together to become one printer. Additional printer parts appear on the sides of the printer representing an updated MFP. A dollar bill icon appears, and lines are drawn underneath pushing it upward. Increase Information Security.

In this age of phishing and ransomware threats, keeping a network and your corporate data secure is challenging, especially when you are supporting remote or hybrid workers.

An envelope on a hook is reeled downward and there is a computer icon with a bug on the screen. A man fixes computer hardware. The screen splits and shows a woman working at home on her dynabook, and a man wearing a mask in the office.

Network assessments, remote device protection, security ready printers and laptops and continual monitoring from Sharp or our IT Services ready dealer partners can help keep your data safe, your networks protected and your employees productive.

A magnifying glass with a Wi-Fi icon inside, a computer with a shield on screen, and then an unlocked red lock with a printer image on it appears. A red profile icon, representing Sharp, and a black profile icon, representing dealer partners, appear on screen of the computer icon. There is a closeup of wires, computer hardware and a woman working on her laptop. Employee Safety & the Hands-Free Experience.

While returning to smarter and healthier offices, many businesses must find new ways to help improve employee safety. Some employees may be reticent to touch shared office equipment. So Sharp offers features and applications that provide a hands free experience.

A man, wearing a mask, walks up to a temperature scanning device. The screen reads, “Excellent! Normal Range”. A man and woman sit across from each other in the office with a plexiglass barrier in between. The man reaches over to use the hand sanitizer. A picture of an MFP and the Synappx logo appear on screen.

Using the power of your voice or your phone control MFPs, share content to displays or check into workspaces.

An Amazon Alexa on a table is activated by an employee speaking. A worker taps their phone against the NFC tag on a printer. Pages print out onto the output tray and the worker shows their phone screen which reads, “Tap NFC tag to Share.” A man wearing a mask presents a chart. A man wearing a mask holds his phone up to a conference room meeting scheduling display and checks into the meeting room.

There's always more you can do to keep people safe so they can do their best work. Let us help you move closer to simply smarter work. Where do you want to begin?

A worker presents a chart to another worker, who then asks questions. Different tool icons appear above the 5 ways to Simply Smarter.