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Touchless Solutions for a Healthier Office

Video Length - 01:56

As we return to smarter and healthier offices, many businesses are exploring new ways to ensure employees' safety and productivity. Sharp offers features and applications that provide simply smarter experiences for our customers.


Video Transcription



Female Speaker: As we all return to smarter and healthier offices, many businesses must first find new ways to help facilitate or improve employee safety and productivity.

Montage of various footage of employees inside an office taking precautions around the spreading of germs, wearing mask throughout the office. As well cleanliness by washing their hands and wiping down surfaces

Simple solutions like limiting meeting attendance or distancing personal workstations are good starting points. But what about high touch surfaces on essential office equipment? Sharp offers, features and applications that provides simply smarter experiences for our customers.

An animation is shown to showcase the necessary steps for a sager work environment, using iconography and figures to showcase things like social distancing and good cleanliness practices.

Experience hands free voice first interaction with Amazon Alexa on Sharp MFPs. The MFP Voice feature enables users to control the device with the power of voice. Just walk up to a Sharp MFP, and with a few verbal commands, you could make a copy or scan a document. You can even manage optional settings such as quantity, color and more, all with the Sharp MFP voice feature.

A close up of Amazon Alexa being used together with the Sharp MFPs, an employee is shown speaking to the Amazon Alexa to activate a print job and then collecting it once it’s finished.

Synappx Go helps simplify document scanning, printing and copying from sharp MFPs with the power of your mobile device. No need to navigate through log in procedures or menu settings on an MFP. Just tap your smartphone to a tag to scan or copy documents, release print jobs or print documents from cloud storage. Right when and where you need them.

A new animation plays, using icongraphy and graphics shows how one can use their phone to start print jobs, scan, or copy.

Maximize convenience, improve safety and simplify privacy with Synappx Go. Whether using the power of your voice or your phone. MFP Voice and Synappx Go provide a simply smarter way to use your office technology.

An employee taps on the symbol located right next to the LED screen with their phones to start a new print job. The camera zooms into the tray where the print job is collected. A short animation summarizing the video plays then fades out to a solid background with the Sharp logo centered to the middle.