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Using the Bottom Bar

A review of the icons and functionality available on the bottom bar of the screen.

Video Transcription



[intro music plays]

AQUOS BOARD: What’s New?: Using the Bottom Bar

Barbara Mikrut (Media Developer/Sales Trainer):

To review the bottom bar, the pin button allows you to pin this entire menu to your screen as you're working.

Starting from the left, Mikrut gestures to the different buttons:

First button (blue pin icon)

This icon allows you to view your pages.

Second button (pages icon)

This settings icon lets you change your settings.

Third button (tool icon)

This search function icon allows you to search through your document which we will explain in another video.

Fourth button (search bar)

This button allows you to go to your previous page and your next page and allows you to add an additional page.

Fifth button (left arrow icon), sixth button (right arrow/plus icon)

This icon allows you to switch from whiteboard mode to overlay mode.

Seventh button (whiteboard/overlay icon)

This icon allows you to minimize your window.

Eighth button (minus icon)

This icon maximizes and restores your screen and this final icon is the exit button.

Ninth button (maximize icon), tenth button (“x” icon)

[outro music plays]