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WCD Connected Brings Collaboration to Microsoft Stores around the Globe

Video Length - 03:59

The Windows collaboration display (WCD) at Microsoft’s NYC flagship location brought together Seattle, Washington, New York City, Amsterdam and Madrid in a global streaming video conferencing event. See how our next-generation 4K UHD, 70-inch Sharp PN-CD701 WCD differentiates from nearly every other collaboration board on the market.


Video Transcription



Gary Kayye (Founder and CEO of Rave):

Hi, it's Gary Kayye. We're here live at the Microsoft flagship store in Manhattan and I have Mike Marusic here, who's the president and CEO of Sharp Electronics. First off, thanks for inviting me.

Mike Marusic (President and CEO of Sharp Electronics):

Thank you. Glad to have you here. It's gonna be a great event today. We're really excited about it. So thanks for coming.

Gary Kayye: So what you're going to see and what we're gonna what we're going to see today as a group is the official launch of the Windows Collaboration display. And Sharp is the only company with a certified Windows collaboration display.

Gary Kayye and Mike Marusic stand side by side, with Gary Kayye holding a microphone.

Gary Kayye: That's uh, that's a heck of a feat because that takes a long time to accomplish.

Mike Marusic: That is quite a feat, you know, It's a very rigorous process to get approved, and Microsoft is very close to what they want the specs to be what they want to criteria to be. And for us to be able to accomplish that it took a while. But we're really proud of the outcome and to be the only one able to do it well, that's an added achievement for our team. So that makes us feel great.

Clips of the screen on display with windows running on screen. Behind them is a wall of plants with #Microsoft in the middle.

Gary Kayye: So it's more than just a collaboration display. We've had collaboration boards out for about three years now. In fact, many would argue that Sharp innovated that category way back when with the AQUOS BOARDS the original AQUOS BOARDs. But this new category of collaboration displays raised the bar, but then the windows collaboration display Basically, this this W CD product goes to a different level.

The scene switches back to the interview where Gary Kayye and Mike Marusic stand side by side.

Mike Marsuic: Yeah, I really think it changes what everyone will perceive is a collaboration display, because now you're integrating the office workflow Microsoft 365 into the conference room. People can adjust their systems. You can we show today you can collaborate across the globe seamlessly, but it also adds other elements, such as taking the temperature of the room, making sure that the air quality is good, built in video conferencing. So all those capabilities will really change the way people look at collaboration, seamless collaboration, no matter where you are, no matter how you want to do it.

A montage of the screen running Microsoft Teams, with close ups of the camera and IoT sensor, as well as the bottom buttons and pen.

Gary Kayye: So we're actually gonna do this live around the world at the same time simultaneously, which is perfect for the niche of the product, right? I mean, we're gonna be coming live from Amsterdam. I know that.

Mike Marsuic: Amsterdam, Spain, Seattle and here in New York.

Gary Kayye: Okay, Amsterdam, Spain, Seattle and here. So all that's gonna be we're gonna do a simultaneous worldwide launch of the product. But even though it is integrated with 365 and Windows specialized perfectly fit for Windows based users or Windows. Microsoft Companies. It also is compatible with other platforms. Right?

Mike Marusic is shown speaking with the screen to the left of him.

Mike Marsuic: That's it. I mean, we've always been a big fan of agnostic platforms, right, because you don't know what you're moving into. And so in the office space, you want to be able to use the technology people have already and I think that's critical for this platform. So today will be showcasing what Microsoft and I think really what I want to show is, no matter where you are, if we could do it around the globe, you can do it around the city. You could do it around a state. You could get around, you know, the whole country. The point is this seamless collaboration ability for everyone who worked together, no matter where they are.

Gary Kayye: And also the tools I see. So let's say your a Zoom user, you can still use Zoom, you're a, uh, WebEx user, you could still use WebEx. Or of course, it's it's integrated with Teams. And Skype, I guess, is the special the uniqueness there with the certification?

Mike Marsuic: Yeah. I mean, obviously, I want to be sensitive to the fact that hey we're here at Microsoft and we're leveraging their platform today. But you're absolutely right. We're able to integrate with anyone out there, and that really is the value of the system is walk into a company and say, Look, we want to augment what you already have. We don't want you have to revamp everything. How do we make it better? How do we make the investment you made in your technology better. That's really what we're trying to do.

Gary Kayye: So we kind of giving you a little sneak peek while we've been doing this interview of the collaboration display. To find out more information, you go to and click on professional The professionals. They believe there's a direct, Sharp professional site, right? What is that?

Mike Marsuic:

Gary Kayye: I'll put a link in the video description of how you can get to that. And of course, I'll link directly to the WCD product line and let's check out what else is going on here. And thanks for watching. Thanks Mike. Appreciate you joining me today.

Mike Marsuic: Thanks for joining us.

There is a clip of the back of the screen and all its ports and back panel. The scene switches back to the interview right after.