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Web Design on the Sharp AQUOS BOARD

The Sharp AQUOS BOARD can be a powerful tool for web design projects.


Video Transcription




Barbara Mikrut (Media Developer/Sales Trainer):

One of the great ways you can use the AQUOS BOARD in Pen Software 3.0 is by using overlay mode on websites.

Barbara Mikrut stands in front of an AQUOS BOARD.

So, let's say you have a website open in the background of your screen here. As we do with

She clicks the Google Chrome icon and Sharp USA webpage pops up onto the screen.

You can open up Pen Software and enter overlay mode by tapping this icon here.

She opens Pen Software and enters overlay mode by tapping on the overlay icon at the bottom right of the screen. Three icons pop onto the middle of the screen.

You can then tap on the blue icon and it will take you to the screen directly beneath you. This is overlay mode. It works like a transparency.

She then clicks on the first icon which is blue with a white plus sign in the middle. The screen returns to the Sharp USA webpage but now there is a square menu and bottom menu also present.

So, if you open up your square menu here, you see that the bottom bar is with us as well, you can make any annotations up here as you wish. You can also upload images onto the screen.

She clicks on the square menu and drags it closer to the center of the screen.

So, let's use pen two in the color selected in red. You'll see that I can make annotations here.

She clicks on pen 2 on the square menu and demonstrates that you can flip to the second page of the square menu by swiping to the left.

So, if I write the word changes and then I want to go ahead and change this into a figure pen which recognizes shapes that I draw up on the board, I can use the figure pen to make a circle around this man in the photograph.

She writes the word “Change” on the screen. The square menu shrinks to a small square when she writes. She clicks on the square menu to select the pen option and then the figure pen feature. She circles a picture of a man and then chooses the selection tool on the square menu.

So, then I can take this circle, select it with my selection tool and change the properties of this circle straight from here.

When she clicks on the circle with the selection tool, a menu bar pops up. She selects the properties option which pulls up options for line width, line color, fill color, and making it translucent.

So, I could change line widths. I can change line shapes. I can change line colors, even input a custom color. So, let's say a different shade of blue. And even put in fill colors. And on the very bottom, I can make this line translucent or solid.

She clicks the down arrow in the line color section to choose a custom color. She points at the different options in the pop-up menu.

So here we see, it's blue, it's actually difficult for me to see it. So, what I'm going to do is actually take the shape and make it larger.

She drags one of the corners of the circle to enlarge it.

I can move this shape around anywhere in the screen. And maybe I wanted to leave it around these words.

She then drags over the whole circle to the left side of the screen where it surrounds a product description.

Now, I wanted to send this to someone, right? Because leaving it up on the board isn't enough. I'd like to send it to my entire team.


What I can do is tap on the pages icon here, tap on the settings for this particular page and I can check it off this box which says show capture desktop image in background.

She clicks on the pages icon from the bottom menu and then on a tool icon to see the Sheet Setup. She checks off the box in the Sheet Setup.

What this does is it takes a screenshot of my work down here and then I can go into my settings and save this.


I could save it as a Pen Software file or I could save it as a PDF in image or I can send it by Touch Display link.

She opens the square menu, swipes to the second page and clicks the save icon. Five options for saving pop up.

Now, there are other things I can do. I can open up an extra page here, additional pages here to show you that I can have multiple pages up. You'd see that the annotations we have on the first page are not available on the second page.

She clicks on a grey bar on the bottom menu and a new page appears to the right of the grey bar. She clicks the grey bar on the right of the new page and another new page is created. She selects the second page and the markings on the webpage disappear.

But if I wanted to now, save whatever I did, I can go into my save button. Save as PDF, save into my computer. Hit save. Open up my computer into my documents and find the file that we just worked on.

She clicks the square menu and then clicks the save icon. She selects the Save As PDF option which pulls up multiple options of locations to save to. She selects “My Computer” and then saves to my documents. She selects the file icon at the bottom of the screen, clicks my documents and then scrolls to the file.

If I maximize this, you'll see in our PDF viewer that you can see the page we all worked on.

She maximizes the file, so it takes up the full screen.

If you want to, you can email directly from Pen Software 3.0. You can go into your mail settings and then you can choose which email to send it to. So, you can go ahead and do that as well.

She selects the Send Email icon in the square menu. A popup on the screen displays multiple email addresses.

Using overlay mode in Pen Software 3.0 is a great way to work on web development.