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Learn How the Windows Collaboration Display Can Help Meeting Productivity

Video Length - 03:25

For teamwork to be truly effective, people need to share information in a comfortable environment. See how the Windows collaboration display from Sharp's advanced specifications, teamwork-centric design and IoT connectivity is at the forefront of the smart office era.


Video Transcription



[Intro music begins]


For teamwork to be truly effective, people need to easily connect and share information in a comfortable environment. The Windows Collaboration display from Sharp is a next generation 4K ultra-HD 70 inch interactive display that enables better space utilization and more productive collaboration. In addition to using Sharp's award winning display technology, the device has a built in microphone array, a high quality conferencing camera and an IOT sensor hub. Working seamlessly with the best of Microsoft 365 The Windows Collaboration display from Sharp is a Skype for business certified device.

Two colleagues are discussing amongst each other than the clips fade out to a montage showcasing the features of the board, the camera zooms into the camera located at the top of the screen the IoT sensor located to the right of the camera.

This means it offers the highest quality audio and video. Each display is supported by Microsoft Teams. This enables advanced collaboration from anywhere.

Someone on a laptop navigates to their display settings to broadcast their screen onto the board. The board now shows a Microsoft teams meeting.

The Windows collaboration display from Sharp is more than just an interactive display solution. It can be used as an IoT Endpoint for a smart office. That functionality is made possible by an innovative IoT sensor hub that can connect to cloud services like the Microsoft Azure Digital Twins platform or software services like Sharp's Synappx Workspaces.

The camera zooms into the IoT sensor, then the camera zooms out to a infographic showcasing the possibilities of the IoT sensor. The Microsoft Azure Digital Twins and Synappx logo appear in the center of the screen both fading in and out.

Microsoft standard IoT sensors track ambient light, in-room temperature, humidity and motion. Sharp takes the device's potential even further by adding an AI camera and air quality sensor to the hub. The air quality sensor measures in areas CO2 and TVOC levels, while the AI camera can leverage the motion sensor and additional AI services to track the number of people using the space.

Another infographic is displayed, showcasing the AI camera features and the air quality sensor.

Data collected through the sensor hub can be displayed on the device in real time. Facilities managers can utilize the data collected from the display sensors to make informed, impactful decisions and implement cost saving solutions. Creating a comfortable meeting environment can help people concentrate, thus improving productivity.

The screen appears in the center showcasing how the info would be displayed at the home screen. Then the clip fades out to a dashboard of graphs showcasing the info gathered. A video of a meeting is then shown where the board is at the middle of the conference meeting, and someone is shown presenting it.

The from Sharp moniker grants users access to exciting features. The high quality low noise video conferencing camera and IoT sensor hub are detachable, making future upgrades or customizable solutions possible. Built in wireless casting works with Windows and Android devices to facilitate a bring your own device environment. An eight meter USB type C cable is included with each Windows collaboration display from Sharp. This makes it incredibly simple to start a meeting. Once the cable is connected, the device automatically switches to the correct input. The cable will even charge a connected laptop while mirroring on the windows collaboration display.

There is an animation of the camera and IoT sensor being removed from the screen and then replaced, afterwards it switches to clips of someone connecting through the wireless display option through their laptop in a conference room. Then a clip of a USB C connecting to the laptop and then the screen changing to a presentation of different graphs, the camera then zooms into the bottom right showing that the laptop is charging while connected.

With its advanced specifications, teamwork centric design and IoT connectivity, the Windows collaboration display is at the forefront of the smart office era.

An animation featuring the screen plays, then the camera zooms into the screen while fading out to a solid background with the Sharp logo centered.