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Wireless Huddle Space Solution With M501 Smart Signage SoC Display

Video Length - 01:39

Sharp demos a wireless huddle space solution with M501 smart signage SoC display at InfoComm 2019.


Video Transcription



Steve Brauner (Senior Product Manger Sharp Professional Display Division):

Hi, I'm Steve Brauner, Senior Product Manager Sharp Professional Display Division. We're here at Infocomm 2019. And we're showing off a virtual modern smart office. And one of thedemos that we're showing here is a huddle space solution. This is featuring our M501 smart signage display, and we're actually showing some digital signage that's being driven off the built in SOC or system on chip.

Steve Brauner is standing next to the M501 smart signage display where on the screen there is information being displayed like conference room availability, there are colored dots and text to showcase the status of each room.

But what's nice about this in the huddle space is you can just change inputs here, and then you can instantly change to a wireless presentation display. And then from here, Windows, Mac users, iPhone. They can all connect up to this display using a technology called MirrorOp so everybody can gather around the huddle space and you can see the surface here. The table's very clean, no wires, and they can just very conveniently communicate their information up to the screen. Uh, wirelessly.

Steve Brauner reaches to the back of the screen and changes inputs by using the controls on the back of the screen, prompting a small pop up in the top right corner. He navigates to the last option in the popup menu which then causes the screen to restart and then display a informative graphic on how to connect to the screen wirelessly using MirrorOP technology and there are QR codes to open the app on mobile.

We're also showing this demo here with some new desktop monitors that we have called the LL-B240 This is a new desktop display, and it's perfect for an environment where you have space as a premium you can see the bezel is very, very thin. And this products called the LL-B240. We also have a 27 inch. So this is the 24. And if you'd like to find out any more information about this or any other Sharp display products visit us on the Web at

The camera then moves to focus on a desktop monitor set up for display at a desk paired with a mouse and keyboard. Playing a slideshow with many informative graphics like charts, and floorplans.