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Sluss + Padgett LLC Enhances Operations with Collaborative Technology

Sluss + Padgett LLC Enhances Operations with Collaborative Technology

Sluss + Padgett LLC, a growing commercial HVAC general contractor in Norcross, GA employs a national workforce of over 100 employees. After modernizing its operations with a hybrid model, the company required upgrades to three conference rooms and its training room as well as a solution to foster camaraderie among its on-site workforce.

Business Challenges

Sluss + Padgett LLC was faced with the dilemma of fostering a cohesive community among its 100+ employees, both in the office and remote. Simultaneously, the organization was outgrowing its training facility and needed a technological solution to support its evolving training programs. A requirement was the ability for the remote workforce to participate virtually, engaging fully with their team rather than being passive observers. Recognizing the need for an infrastructure upgrade, the company decided to seize the opportunity during a completefacility redesign.


Technology Solutions

To address these challenges, Sluss + Padgett LLC engaged Sharp for a comprehensive assessment of its existing technology, operational procedures and core objectives. In the training room, Sharp implemented an array of cutting-edge solutions, including an AQUOS BOARD collaboration display, Mersive wireless collaboration tools, multiple speakers, microphones, cameras, Bi-amp audio processing systems and a touchpad for seamless control of room functions.

“Sharp set us up with a state-of-the-art training room,” Eric Sluss, Chief Executive Officer explained, “The multi-point cameras allow us the flexibility of inviting sales, software, project managers and trainers from anywhere in the country to conference in, giving them a seamless, immersive experience and saving us hundredfold in travel costs.”

Furthermore, the company upgraded three conference rooms with large format displays to enhance collaborative productivity. A display in the lobby was also installed to showcase project work and customer success stories. The company’s new crowd-pleasing break room featuring a Sharp display has become a popular gathering spot to disseminate company news, celebrate birthdays, anniversaries, new arrivals, and welcome new employees.

In line with its primary goal of creating a cohesive and collaborative work environment, Eric emphasized, “We wanted our employees to feel connected and appreciated. The technology facilitated this, creating a sense of community even in a dispersed setting.”


Proven Results

The new technology delivered exceptional results for Sluss + Padgett LLC, yielding a positive impact on its financial performance and overall business operations. The enhanced training room setup allowed for remote access and participation from multiple locations, enabling simultaneous training for sales staff and office personnel. The incorporation of cutting-edge solutions supported its commitment to enhancing workplace culture, fostering employee engagement and showcasing its dedication to innovation, productivity and stronger relationships with clients and employees.


“It was time to bring the next generation of technology into our building,” Eric concluded, “and with Sharp’s setup, if we can think it, our systems can do it.”

Eric Sluss, Chief Executive Officer


Case Study, Corporate


Sluss + Padgett LLC


Technology Integrator

Sharp Business Systems and Mersive Technologies, Inc.



  • Inefficiencies due to out-of-date technology
  • Distributed and growing workforce needed a collaboration solution
  • Wanted to build comradery and encourage local employees to return to the office



  • 86" Class (85.6" diagonal) Sharp display
  • 86" Class (85.6" diagonal) AQUOS BOARD Collaboration Display
  • Mersive Solstice Display Software
  • In-ceiling speakers and parlay microphones
  • Multiple cameras
  • Touchpad to control functions within room
  • Bi-amp audio processing system
  • Wireless presentation capabilities



  • Lowered travel costs
  • Seamless remote experience in training room
  • Ability to conduct simultaneous training programs within upgraded conference rooms
  • Improved internal communications and increased camaraderie