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Business Card Scan

Video Length - 01:22

Ginny talks about coming back from an event or show with a stack of business cards, and an easy way to get them into your computer!

Video Transcription



[intro music begins]

Ginny Wilkins (SHARP Field Trainer):

Now we're going to talk about business card scanning. If you've ever come back from a day out in the field or from a show and you come back with a stack of cards and you want to import all the information back into your computer.

Ginny Wilkins stands in front of an MFP and is holding a stack of business cards.

Well, now we have a fast and easy way to do that. The feeder will actually go down to the size of those business cards.

She places the stack of business cards on the feeder and adjusts the width of the feeder to hold the cards in place.

You're gonna go into your scanning, just like before, choose your name.

On the home page, she selects Scan to Email. She selects Address Book, selects Ginny and clicks OK.

Under others, we are going to tell it business card scan. At this time where it says card information, we have a choice. We can upload this information into our outlook or to a CSV file and have that uploaded to your computer.

She clicks Others on the bottom of the page and selects the Business Card Scan option. A pop up appears, and she selects “Card Information”. She then clicks the down arrow for “File Format of Card Info” currently set on vCard and selects the CSV option.

So basically you're going to tell which one do you want to do. And press Ok. And it's as easy as just press start. It's actually scanning my business cards for me, so I don't have to lay them individually on the glass and uploading the information for me.

She clicks OK and then Start. The business cards feed into the MFP and come out on the second tray below the first tray.