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Copier Tutorials

Job Build

Video Length - 01:39

Ginny reviews Job Build - a feature that allows you to scan multiple documents into one, among other helpful uses. 

Video Transcription



[intro music begins]

Ginny Wilkins (SHARP Field Trainer):

Hi, I'm Ginny with Sharp. Next on your show is Job Build. What Job Build is good for is I'm gonna choose my name. Under others, there's something you just highlight job build.

Ginny Wilkins stands next to an MFP. There is a close up of the MFP display. On the home screen, she selects “Address Book”, selects “Ginny” and then clicks OK. The screen returns to the home page and she clicks the “Others” tab on the bottom of the screen. There is a pop up and she selects the “Job Build” option and then clicks OK.

It's used for a variety of reasons. One, I could have a document that I wanna scan as one PDF but some of it can go through the feeder and some I have to put on the glass. Maybe it's a picture or maybe it's a book like I have. The other reason would be is my document I want to scan as one PDF is larger than my document feeder can hold.

So I need to do it instead of breaking it up and trying to marry it at the computer. I can have it here. So I'm gonna put my first couple of pages in and press start.

She puts printer paper with images into the tray and presses the “Start” button on the bottom right.

Now, I wanna go on the glass and I press start. Now I'm done with the glass. Now I'm gonna put my stack back in the feeder and I can keep going and keep going.

She then opens the copier section of the MFP and puts in a magazine. She presses start and the cover of the magazine is scanned. She puts the stack of images back into the feeder and presses start.

Once I'm done, all I have to do is click read end and it marries that entire document and creates one PDF. So I'm only sent one PDF.

She selects the “Read-End” button.