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Document Filing

Video Length - 07:50

Ginny talks about document filing, why you would use it, and more!

Video Transcription



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Ginny Wilkins (SHARP Field Trainer):

Hi, I'm Ginny with Sharp. Today, we're gonna talk about document filing. Why would I use it? So, there's a few reasons. We can actually scan documents that we don't have electronic into that hard drive. Maybe I have forms that I want to retrieve, a vacation request or sick time and that you reprint those all the time.

Ginny Wilkins stands in front of an MFP.

Or you're at your computer. You have something that's confidential. You want to be able to send it to the hard drive of the copier with a password, be able to slowly walk here and not run, be able to go in and actually put that password in and release your document.

Or I'm at my desk. I want to print onto letterhead. I don't want to run here, load the letterhead, run back to my desk and then print the letterhead. I want to be able to print it, walk over, load the letterhead and then release it.

Have you ever had when you walk to the copier a little bit later? And your documents are gone because someone accidentally took that with theirs. So you can be able to print and release it at your leisure. Right. So let me show you the first way is basically loading it at the copier.

There's two different ways to do it. We can do it with copy features, without copy features. What do you mean by with? Staple, I want it always coming out double sided.

So I can actually go into the copy and say this particular document, every time I print it through the document filing, I would like it stapled. Instead of pressing start, there is something over here, it says file, store data in a folder. And I would give it a name. What is this?

She clicks the Copy icon on the home page. She selects the Staple Sort tab, selects 1 Staple and clicks OK. On the right side of the screen, she selects File and a pop up appears.

So I could actually oops touch the file name, pull out my keyboard. I'm just gonna say dog and then press start.

In the pop up, she touches the File Name, pulls out a keyboard behind the screen and types “dog”. She clicks OK. She clicks B/W Start.

It'll actually make a copy, they'll actually staple it and give me a sample. And the reason it gives me a sample is it wants to say, hey, this is what it's going to look like every time. Do you realize that? Once I get my copy and I look at it and say yes, this is in fact how I want it.

The stack of images on the feeder feed into the MFP and come out on the second tray. The pages are printed.

To retrieve the document, you have something called document filing. You have two folders, there's a main folder and a quick folder. I don't put anything typically in the quick because if you turn on and off the copy or whatever is in there, it goes away. It's quick. The main folder is a default. You can get custom folders, just talk to your sales rep. But right now there is my dog. It would be as easy as that. How many copies do I want and start?

She selects “Document Filing”. There are two tabs at the top of the screen, one for Main Folder and one for Quick File Folder. She clicks Main Folder, selects “dog” and presses the Copies tab at the bottom. She uses the numeric pad and writes “25” for the number of copies.

Also, say that this one time I'm like, I don't need it stapled. I can go to choose print settings and I could take that staple off for that one time. It would go back for the next person to Staple.

She clicks the CA button on the right. She returns to the earlier page and clicks Main Folder, selects “dog” and then clicks “Choose Print Setting”. The screen returns to the Copies homepage. There is a preview of a dog image on an 8 ½ x 11 page paper with a staple on the top left corner. She clicks “Choose Print Settings” which returns to the preview page and then clicks “Return to File Selection Screen.

I can also delete the document. If it's not, we're not going to use it or I want to delete it right after I print it because I don't want that anymore. But I need that last copy. The other style of going into document filings. If I don't need any copy features, I just want this page to go right in.

She points to the Delete button on the bottom of the screen. She checks off the small white box above “Print Now”. She then clicks CA and then clicks the Home button.

I'll go to my document filing. I'll go to scan to local drive. At this time, I'm going to name it. So this one will be dog two and what folder I want to start to and press start.

She then clicks “Document Filing”, “Scan to Local Drive” on the top right. She clicks the field box for File Name and types “dog 2”. She points at the Stored To field which says “Main Folder”. She then clicks Start.

it immediately scans it into it. It doesn't need to give us a sample. It is immediately in there. So now to retrieve it, I'll go into the main folder and there's my dog two. So again, I can just print now, I can delete it. If I asked for color. I could say, oh, this particular time I want it in black and white, but I can also still go into that choose print settings and say, you know what, this one time I do want it stapled, but next time it's not going to be.

The images on the feeder feed into the machine and come out onto the tray underneath. She clicks the home icon and selects Document Filing. She selects the Main Folder, “dog 2” and points at the options for printing on the right. She checks off the Print B/W box and then unchecks it. She clicks “Choose Print Settings” and points at the different copying options on the left.

So basically the two ways to get in in there is do I want it with kind of marry the copy features with it so it comes out automatically or just say I have one page documents that I want to store on my hard drive.

She clicks the home button.

Let's walk over to the computer and show you how to get the documents into the hard drive from your computer right now. I'm at the PC. I'm gonna walk through on the print driver how to get a document to the hard drive of our copier. Now, why would you want to do that? There's a couple of reasons.

She opens her computer, and a simply smarter PDF is open.

This particular document that I have is confidential. I am not near my copier and so I want to be able to send it to the hard drive with a pin code. That way I'm the only one that can retrieve that document and I don't have to run.

Another way, I want to load labels in my bypass. I don't want to run to the MFP, load the labels and then run back to my computer to send the labels. Or I don't, I am down the hall. I'm quite a ways from my MFP and I have a lot of jobs I'm printing and I don't want people to accidentally pick them up. So as you can see, there's a few reasons. So let me kind of show you the different ways and options that you can use.

First, we're gonna go on file print and choose our Sharp MFP and go under the properties.

She clicks File, Print and then clicks Properties in the pop up. Another pop up appears with the Main tab selected.

So an easy, quick way, hey, I just want to get it to the main folder that's under document filing on the screen of the copier. You just click, hold only. At this point, it's as easy as just click, hold only, it goes into the hard drive. It shows up as the file name and you can release it.

In the Main tab, for Document Filing she clicks None and chooses “Hold Only” from the dropdown selection.

But say it as I was talking about, this is confidential. So right here, you can click pin code and put in a 5 to 8 digit numeric password. And then I can click ok, and print and it would send with that pass code. When I walk up to the device, I'm actually just clicking document filing. And when I choose my job, it will require that pin for me to release it. That is our kind of quick, easy way.

On the right of Document Filing, she checks off the box for Pin Code. She types in 5 digits and puts her cursor over OK. She then unchecks the Pin Code which deletes the password. She changes Document Filing back to “None”.

You can also go under job handling. It very much has the same document filing button and has that hold only and has the pin. But an addition is you can store to a custom folder.

She selects the Job Handling tab on the top right. She uses the dropdown on Document Filing and switches it from “None” to “Hold Only”. She selects the field box under Stored To and changes it to Custom Folder.

You can actually have custom folders created on your device because maybe I I'm HR and I want to print to my folder and I don't want everybody else in the main folder to see my documents. I want to create my own custom folder that I can send jobs into that custom folder, someone like HR may want that password protected. So that is also an option.

A pop up appears with a selection of folders. Main Folder is already selected. She clicks OK.

So you could work with your sales person to create those custom folders.