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User Code Set-Up

Video Length - 03:52

Ginny shows you how to add user codes into your MFP for tracking.

Video Transcription



Ginny Wilkins (SHARP Field Trainer):

Hi, I'm Ginny with Sharp. What I'm going to be showing you right now is how to add user codes. So that way as you, when you walk up to the MFP, you can put a user code and also a user code can be defaulted in the print driver. So everyone will be tracked of how many copies and prints that they will be making.

So in order to set that up, we're going to get into our IP address using your browser. Once you enter that IP address, you're going to log in as an admin. Once you do that, this is a screen that will appear.

The screen shows a webpage, and the tab “System Settings” is selected.

And the first thing we have to do is go to authentication settings and we're going to enable. Once we enable, we're going to decide how do we want to track or have people log in. Either log in name and password or most common user number. The user number will be a 5-8 digit numeric.

In System Settings, she selects Authentication Settings and changes the User Authentication setting from disable to enable. More options appear underneath the User Authentication. She selects the User Number option and clicks submit.

I'm gonna click submit to take that change and now it's going to ask me to reboot. So I'm going to reboot the machine because our next step is going to be going to user control and we are going to create as many um codes as we need. We can have them department, we can have them individual. Up to 1000 is the amount of codes that you can have for your MFP.

She clicks the “Reboot Now” button.

So once this gets rebooted, I'm going to go over to that user control. Again, it's going to ask me to log in as an admin. OK?

She then clicks the User Control tab and then selects the Administrator Login button. She enters the password.

So now I'm going to just put in the actual user studies. So I'm gonna go down and we are going to add. We're going to create our name. So I'm going to use myself as one and I'm going to put in my user number.

Once logged in, she clicks User Settings and scrolls down to the “Add” button.

Again, I say it's 5-8 digits numeric. So I'm just going to put my code in and it is as easy as put your name and submit and register if I'm doing many or just submit. So when I hit submit, register, maybe I want to do the sales department has a code and then I would enter their code. Submit, register and keep going until you put all of your users in there. She fills out the registration page using her info. She clicks the Submit and Register Next button which brings her to a new page to enter the info of a second user.

She fills out the registration page using her info. She clicks the Submit and Register Next button which brings her to a new page to enter the info of a second user.

Also under user control, under your user settings. I can actually see all the names that I have put in. Under user control as well, I also have my user count where I can actually go in to a specific name and show how many copies on the screen that they have made at that time.

She reselects the User Control tab, then clicks User Settings and scrolls down to see all the different users. She returns to the User Control tab, clicks User Count and checks off the checkbox next to user, “Ginnyy”. She scrolls to the bottom of the page and selects “Show” which brings her to a page with stats about their copies.

I can also go to user account and I can actually save my user accounts and I can create an Excel spreadsheet that will actually show me how many copies in black and white, how many copies in color, how many prints in black and white and how many copies in color.

She goes back to the User Count page and selects “Save User Count” on the left side of the screen. She clicks the “Save” button creating an excel spreadsheet and then opens it. The excel sheet has a User Name column on the far left and all the information about the copy to the right.

Codes can get very specific. You can have different groups. You can limit people to how many copies they can make. So that's why you're seeing that unlimited.

She uses the cursor to point out columns that have “unlimited” written inside of the data cells.

Once you've done that, you can actually go back in and you can select all your people and you could clear their accounts so you could start fresh at the beginning of the month.

She returns to the webpage and clicks the User Control tab, selects User Count, and scrolls to the Select All button. She moves her cursor over the Select All button and then over the Clear Count button further down the page.

So under user control, really, it is as easy as just go in and add each person and then in their print driver, you would default that same code so you could track your copies and your prints.

She clicks User Control and then User Settings.