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Case Studies
Greene Rubber Company Improves Order Processing and Scanning Workflow with Drivve | Image and Sharp MFPs

Greene Rubber Company Improves Order Processing and Scanning Workflow with Drivve | Image and Sharp MFPs


A mid-sized rubber manufacturing company was looking for a more efficient way to manage scanning across the organization, and improve order processing requirements. With a Drivve | Image integrated solution from Sharp, Greene Rubber enhanced the organization’s overall workflow and productivity.


Business Environment Challenges

Greene Rubber Company, a leading manufacturer of custom molded and fabricated rubber components, needed a more efficient solution for scanning and filing important business documentation. At the time, Greene Rubber had only one device with scanning capabilities available to several different departments, including sales, order administration, human resources, and quality control.

Given the company’s heavy reliance on scanned documents as part of order processing, the one scan-capable device was always in use and often had long wait times. In addition, the scanning process itself was time-consuming and each file had to be manually named and saved to its corresponding location. Making updates to scanned files at a later date was further complicated, as it required additional labeling and indexing. Green Rubber wanted to eliminate lost time and complications associated with scanned documents, to ultimately improve the organization’s workflow.


Technology Solutions

To improve scanning capabilities, Greene Rubber decided to install five Sharp MFPs with Drivve | Image™ Document Capture software with the help of Bostonbased dealer Aztec Office. Greene Rubber deployed four MFPs at the main office location in Massachusetts, and one at a satellite office to establish an integrated solution across the entire organization.


Proven Results

Greene Rubber’s scanning workflow has drastically improved with the Drive | Image integrated MFPs. The solution was set up to allow users to scan directly to the necessary network locations, as well as scan to optical character recognition (OCR) so that files would be easily searchable for later retrieval. Drivve | Image was integrated with the organization’s existing Active Directory® directory service, enabling users to authenticate at the MFP and access their predefined scanned profiles, further optimizing document processing.

By automating document processes, Drivve | Image saves user time spent at the device manually directing and tagging documents. With the solution now available via five Sharp networked devices, employees can scan and route order processing files without wait times. With the help of interactive training assistance, Green Rubber employees quickly learned how to perform enhanced scanning features and can access everything they need directly from the MFP’s color touch-panels.

Selected because of its inherent scalability, the Sharp and Drivve | Image solution can continue to grow with Greene Rubber’s business. The organization has the option to explore barcode recognition in the future, or introduce more advanced functionality as their business needs expand.

With the solution now available via five Sharp networked devices, employees can scan and route order processing files without wait times.


Greene Rubber Company


  • Long wait times for scanning
  • Inefficient manual tagging and indexing requirements for scanned files
  • Complicated and time-consuming search and update procedures


  • Five MX-B402SC MFPs
  • Drivve | Image Scanner Power Tools and OCR Module


  • Improved productivity for all document management operations
  • Simple and intuitive scanning, OCR and filing 
  • Eliminated manual touch points, reducing potential filing errors 
  • Established simpler and quicker search functionality
  • Recovered downtime spent on scanning responsibilities