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Sharp Provides High-Tech Solutions for McCormick County School District

Sharp Provides High-Tech Solutions for McCormick County School District

Business Environment Challenges

Nestled along South Carolina’s picturesque Freshwater Coast, McCormick County is known as a destination for camping, golfing, boating, hiking and other relaxing activities. Despite its rural setting, McCormick County School District (MCSD) maintains the goal to provide approximately 700 students with an education experience comparable to metropolitan schools.

The district was focused on keeping its competitive edge, but with no IT director or data backup and recovery system in place, MCSD’s technology assets were quickly falling behind other area schools. The school district was equipped with printers from three different vendors without a system in place to evaluate toner usage and when a printer would malfunction, it  could take several days before it was repaired. Also, because equipment was bought piecemeal whenever needed, the district wasn’t able to properly track its printing expenses. In fact, an audit commissioned by interim superintendent Betty Bagley showed that the school’s technology challenges were bringing expenses well over budget.


“After bringing the printers in, I informed them about our technology needs. They offered to look at our servers and network system and see what they could do to help us. They went above and beyond to help us as well as other vendors."

Betty Bagley, McCormick County School District Interim Superintendent


McCormick County School District (MCSD)


  • An internal audit revealed the school was over budget.

  • There was no tracking of equipment expenses or costly color print jobs.

  • Equipment around campus was from a variety of vendors with no IT support.


  • Managed IT solutions from Sharp including backup & disaster recovery and help desk.

  • Eight Sharp MFPs and MICAS were brought in to standardize equipment and costs.

  • 70 Sharp AQUOS BOARD interactive displays to boost student collaboration.

  • Digital signage installed around campus for better communication with PN-M501 and PN-R606 Sharp professional displays.

  • 20 cameras to improve security and facilitate learning outside of the classroom.


  • Streamlined approach to equipment management to help reduce costs, minimize downtime and get service faster.

  • Better classroom and meeting collaboration

  • Remote learning

  • Enhanced service