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Color Management

Sharp Digital Press Series

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Fiery Color Profiler Suites

Professional color management for all

Fiery® Color Profiler Suites comprehensive set of tools are fully integrated into Fiery digital front ends to provide the best ease of use and optimal color quality for every stage of the printing workflow. From simple wizard-driven calibration, profile creation, optimization, and verification, through to expert-level profiling control, editing, and enhancement — this market-leading solution has tools to suit all expertise levels, and all color management tasks.

Computer monitor showing the Fiery Color Profiler Suites booting up
Computer monitor showing the Spot Color Management software in use

Spot Color Management

Out-of-the box tools for accurate brand color reproduction.

Spot-On provides accurate color matching and customization for brand colors quickly and easily. Use Fiery Spot-On to achieve the most accurate color matching for logo and other spot colors. Create and manage named spot colors, print a swatch book, import and export spot color groups, and capture new spot colors using a spectrophotometer.

Fiery Graphic Arts Pro

Reduce the cost of producing print

Get the job right the first time. Fiery Graphic Arts Pro Package provides expert tools right on the Fiery server to identify and correct print production problems before they result in rejected jobs and wasted clicks.

Woman sitting in front of a computer monitor comparing colors
Computer monitor showing the Fiery Image Enhance Visual Editor program in use on a picture of women

Fiery Image Enhance Visual Editor

Quickly adjust and enhance individual images

Fiery Image Enhance Visual Editor is an interactive Fiery Command WorkStation plug-in that offers on-the-fly correction for individual images in a job – without the need to go back to the original design files. It provides real-time image editing with visual feedback and eliminates the need for additional image editing software.

Fiery ColorGuard

Produce consistent, accurate color all day, every day

Gain insights into your color quality across Fiery® Driven print systems anytime, anywhere from a web browser. Use this paid cloud application to track color quality, notify the production team to perform scheduled verifications and alert them to act if verification fails.

Computer monitor showing graphs

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