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Did You Know? 8 Key Security Features of Sharp Copiers

The rapid growth of cloud computing and hybrid workstyles in recent years has increased the number of endpoints that threat actors can attack. Copiers and multifunction printers, one of the most important endpoints in the office environment, are vital communication hubs for an organizations’ business processes and must be protected against security threats. Download this infographic to see how we've taken measures to secure your data in our new series of copiers. 

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DID YOU KNOW? 8 Key Security Features of Sharp Copiers

Based on the BP Line of Copiers


  1. Application Whitelisting prevents unauthorized files and applications from being loaded
  2. BIOS Integrity Check at startup helps protect system files from malware attacks
  3. Trusted Platform Module provides an added layer of protection to safeguard data
  4. Bitdefender Antivirus scans inbound and outbound data for virus activity
  5. End-of-Lease Data Erase can protect privacy by deleting all data and personal information at trade-in time
  6. Firmware Attack Prevention checks for abnormal firmware at startup and can restore original from backup
  7. Active Directory Integration can join network domain as a trusted device
  8. Real-time Intrusion Detection detects abnormal connection requests and denies access


Sharp multifunction printers offer the very best in productivity, workflow and security. Contact us to learn more.