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"Your document may pass through one or more servers on its way to the printer" appeared when I activated Sharp Print Service Plugin. Which server(s) will my document pass through?

This pop-up message is always displayed when you activate the plugin that supports the Android™ printing framework. Your print job will not pass through any servers, but will be sent directly to the Sharp printer you select if you use Sharp Print Service Plugin.

Why didn’t the Sharp Print Service Plugin search for the printer I wanted to use?

The printer must be connected to the same network segment that your mobile device is connected.
If the printer and your mobile device are connected to different network segments, you may be able to use it by manually adding it to Sharp Print Service Plugin.
  1. Open [Settings]-[Print] on your mobile device
  2. Tap [Sharp Print Service Plugin]
  3. Open [Add printer]
  4. Enter IP address or hostname of the printer.

Why can’t I select the [Print] menu from the application I am using?

The application may not support the Android™ printing framework.

Why can’t I see the value I entered when I configured the print parameters? Some of the print dialog is hidden by the keyboard.

Select Middle for the font size setting of your mobile device.

Why can only up to 999 copies be printed even though I specified over 1000?

A Sharp printer can print up to 999 copies by specification, even though the Android ™ printing framework allows you to specify over 1000.

Why can’t I print a document using specified parameters such as paper size or duplex?

Since the print parameter setting dialog is controlled by the Android ™ printing framework, Sharp Print Service Plugin is not able to deny any invalid combination of print parameters for Sharp printers (e.g. Duplex printing on A3 wide paper). The actual print processing will depend on a selected printer.

Why did the entire document print when I specified a page range?

Some combinations of a source application and an Android ™ version of your mobile device might not send the correct page range specification for the job. Update the application or the Android OS frequently.