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2023 National Dealer Meeting - Production Printing Press Introduction with Kent Villarreal

Video Length - 02:00

Senior Product Manager, Kent Villarreal, showcases Sharp's new production printing press during the 2023 National Dealer Meeting expo fair. With the inclusion of the production printing presses, Sharp's diversification of products provides our dealers and direct branch locations the opportunity to offer customers a full suite of technology solutions.

Video Transcription



Kent Villarreal (Senior Product Manger):

We have brought some of the best most proven technology to market with this product. This is a level up. Six colors. This product is amazing.

Tell us about Sharp’s new Digital Color Press Series. Kent Villarreal stands in front of containers of printer ink. Sharp’s new production printing press is on display.

The stuff that it can produce with the white, the metallics like gold and silver and bright pink to really widen that color gamut to allow you to hit 90% of the Pantone colors. Designers are going to love that.

The six printer colors are highlighted in a 3D diagram of the printer. Up to six colors in one pass, infinite design possibilities. Vibrant and colorful printed images are stacked on a table.

We're talking about 120 pages per minute and 400 GSM very thick paper that can run through here, different substrates, clear material as well as synthetics.

A moving diagram for the inside of the production printing press demonstrates paper being fed into the machines and images being printed.

So it really opens up the creativity that can happen with products like this. Everybody that we've shown at the National Dealer Meeting is very excited about this. It brings a lot of opportunities and that's really what we're talking about at this show is executing on those opportunities and that's what we hope to do is to support our dealers with that.


So this is huge. This is huge for Sharp and our dealer partners and our direct branches as well.


Now they can really offer from A4 all the way to production and put all the pieces together for their customers with Dynabooks with Synappx Go with, you know, with the professional displays that we have and it's the Sharp relationship, this just adds to all of that. .

Enhanced Touch Screen, faster response time is written on a screen above two MFP models. Sharp’s production printing press is on display. A man taps his phone against an NFC tag.