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Sharp Copier Active Directory Integration Drives Productivity and Enhances Security

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Sharp technology allows your Advanced or Essentials Document System to connect to your network as a trusted device, operating and managed as a computer, using the management and security features of Active Directory and Group Policy.


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[intro music begins]


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Sharp technology allows your advanced or essential series documents system to connect to your network as a trusted device

A hand draws a perfect circle which is used as a focal point, while there is a printer being sketched out in a soft shade alongside a graphic that represents a network. The sketches get darkened to make them more visible once they are completed.

Operating and managed as a computer using the management and security features of active directory and group policy. with authentication achieved with self registration and using single sign on the user can scan to email directly from their exchange, exchange 3 65 or Gmail account.

An arrow is sketched to illustrate the connectivity between a trusted device, which is shown as a screen with an outlet plug and a heart in the middle of it, and the network.

Skipping those extra steps that they're currently doing at their computer and reallocating that time. Two more productive activity They're also able to directly scan to and from their cloud service such as OneDrive, SharePoint, Google Drive, Box and Dropbox, as well as navigate network folders to scan directly into their desired location without having to move files on their computer.

Authentication appears at the top of the screen with a road sign appearing from the bottom afterwards. The hand starts to write inside the empty signs, writing self-registration and single sign-on. An email icon is sketched out at the bottom right next to the road sign alongside some text, which says, Exchange, Exchange 365, and Gmail.

These embedded features at no additional cost, increases security and allows IT to manage these devices with the controls they've already established for computers. End users can sign into all of these accounts with a single swipe of a proximity card, saving the necessity of remembering passwords or taking the time to type them in. The Sharp, advanced and essential series document systems allows your company to reclaim time and effort from the way it used to be done and allows you to work on your next five year plan instead of your previous one

An illustration of someone using a MFP printer is sketched out and a cloud is added to showcase the different cloud services that are supported. Another illustration of a MFP where it showcases the way a proximity card would work. The words reclaim time and effort is written on the side of the printer afterwards. A conference is sketched out following this illustration, where on the diagram it has the title of the next five-year plan