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Francis Parker School Enhances Student Learning [Success Story]

Video Length - 01:48

The IT department at Francis Parker School is dedicated to enhancing student learning by providing teachers with the tools necessary to do their jobs. See why they chose Sharp multifunctional printers to transform their document management processes.


Video Transcript



Rick Rossiter (System Administrator):

Francis Parker School started in 1912. We have 1200 students from JK through high school.


Stephanie Oberle (Technology Coordinator):

Technology is becoming more and more part of the classroom. We're very innovative looking for another tool to add to our toolbox as we're teaching with the students. I've come to love this place and do not plan on leaving until I retire. My name is Stephanie Oberle and I'm the middle school technology coordinator.



My name is Rick Rossiter. We're at Francis Parker School in San Diego and I'm a systems admin in the IT department. What we do to empower all the faculty and students is to keep technology top notch. We take care of everything that has an IP address from the servers all the way down to the desktops and iPads for all of the students.



The Sharp MFPs here at Francis Parker make our life a lot easier in IT by being super reliable and quick and fast. The copiers are so easy to work with.

Rick and a teacher stand in front of a Sharp MFP and use the touch screen interface to easily make copies.


The copiers are so easy to work with, push the button, make 100 copies, 200 copies of staple collated. It all works.

Rick opens the front cover of the Sharp copier and checks on the toner cartridges.


When I started teaching we weren't able to just send a print job to the copier so it makes it user friendly. With scanning features, I'm able to get that to my email and then bring it to our learning management system to use in the classroom.

Teacher uses a Sharp copier to make copies and scan documents.


Before Sharp was here, printing in large quantities would be a major major issue. Thanks goodness we went with Sharp and upgraded the whole campus. It's not uncommon to look at our copiers and have well over a million copies and they're still going strong. That has solved so much for us. Any other manufacturer costs a lot of money to run toner and paper through a machine.  

Rick explains to a teacher how the Sharp printer functions and makes copies as well as prints documents. Rick shows the teacher how easy it is to reload the paper trays.


With the Sharp MFPs the cost per page is so much cheaper. We actually have added several since I've been here. Our teachers time has been spent less and less in line at the copier and they can now use their time to teach in their classrooms.

Teacher grabs copies of a document without a line and returns to her classroom.


We've come a long way from what we've started.

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