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Sharp MFP Shorts: Serverless Print Release

Video Length - 00:42

Send your print from one location and pick up in another? Your business just got more innovative!


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Don't have the time to get your print job right now and would like to get it later from a different MFP in another part of your office?


The Serverless print release feature on your new Sharp MFPs can do just that.


You can securely send a print job to your default Sharp MFP and pick it up whenever you want from up to five different Sharp MFPs anywhere in your office any time you want.

Cartoon style drawing of the exterior of a modern multiple-story office building. On the left side there is an arrow pointing to a third floor window with the text "you are here" above it. On the right side of the building is another arrow pointing to a window on the second floor with the text "MFP is here"

Why it's like your print job is following you.


Your business just got innovative with a Sharp MFP.

  Serverless Print Release

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