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Mobile-first Collaboration with Synappx

Video Length - 02:07

Now that Sam is in the office three out of five days of the week, he needs a way to hold productive meetings with team mates who are both working in and out of the office. The Synappx collaboration hub experience allows him to easily start, share and end a meeting using just his mobile phone.

Watch the video to learn more about Sam's experience, and find out more about Synappx collaboration hub at

Video Transcription



[intro music begins]


Female Speaker:

Meet Sam. Sam and his teammates are now back in the office three days a week, while others are still working remotely.

A man named Sam is typing on his phone. Two drawings pop onto the screen: one is a drawing of a calendar with three days a week highlighted in green. The second is a drawing of a man working at home.

Sam is glad to be back in the office at least part of the time. He was very productive working from home, but missed the in person interaction that he had with his colleagues.

Sam is shown giving an in-person presentation. He is then shown having a meeting from home with others in office through an Aquos Board. Sam talks to another man while at his desk.

Now, he gets to have the best of both worlds: focus time at home and creative collaboration in the office.

The screen splits in half. In the first half, Sam is working alone at home and in the second half, he is having a meeting with another coworker in the office.

Sam wants to bring everyone on the team into the creative conversations that are taking place in the office, but half of the office is working remotely during the week and it is very difficult for him to have the same experience with all of his colleagues.

Sam opens his laptop and begins typing. At home, a woman is working on her laptop. A man plugs in a cable. Sam and another coworker shake their heads looking at the Aquos Board which reports “No Signal”.

So, it's no surprise that Sam is very excited that his company has turned their meeting spaces into Synappx collaboration hubs.

Sam opens up an email and finds out that a new synappx collaboration hubs is available. He smiles and gives the camera a thumbs up.

Designed to help both on-site and remote employees collaborate dynamically so that the team can be creative and innovative again.

A woman holds a phone to the Synappx sticker on the Aquos Board to connect. A Teams meeting is open on screen and there are nine other people who have joined.

The Synappx collaboration hub experience allows employees like Sam to conduct mobile friendly, dynamic collaboration with all team members who are on the road, working from home or right down the hall.

The woman shows a PowerPoint slide of a Products in Stock bar graph. A man watches her presentation in person.

Now, let's take a look at Sam as he uses the easy to use Synappx mobile app to start his meeting. See how the web-based video conference session is kicked off with a simple tap of his smartphone? All attendees are engaged instantly.

A pop up on Sams phone says, “Tap NFC tag to start meeting”. He taps his phone against the blue Synappx sticker on the table and a check sign appears on his phone. He starts his 11am Product Overview meeting. A coworker joins the call and waves hello.

Sam can also control the meeting, screen share, turn the camera on and off, and mute and unmute the microphone, all from his phone.

There is a zoom in to Sams phone. There are three icons above the volume button: the left one for screen share, the center button for the camera and the last button for the microphone.

Watch as Sam dynamically accesses, shares and controls content from his smartphone up on the display, facilitating the conversation with his meeting audience.

Sam clicks on his PowerPoint presentation and uses the arrows on the control panel to toggle between the slides. Other meeting participants watch and discuss.

Sam is now very happy that his office experience is valuable. Through dynamic collaboration with the Synappx collaboration hub experience. He feels more creative and innovative with his entire team, whether they are in the office or not.

Sam is standing and smiling. He ends the meeting on his phone. Team members in the office smile and leave the room. Team members at home close their laptop.