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Northern Virginia Family Service [Success Story]

Video Length - 02:38

Northern Virginia Family Service (NVFS) helps families and individuals in need create stability and self-sufficiency with a wide range of critical services. Sharp's easy to use multifunction printers (MFPs) provide the best amount of good for the least amount of money – allowing NVFS to reduce the total cost of industry for devices by approximately 50 percent.


Video Transcription



Navara Cannon (Community & Volunteer Engagement Specialist at Northern Virgina Family Service):

Our mission is to help families. If you have a strong family, you have a strong community, city, state, and it goes out from there. And it all starts with the family, and that's what we do.

A montage of people stocking the shelves at the facility using forklifts to bring the items inside.

[music begins to play]


Lauren Poirot (Vice President of Technology at Northern Virgina Family Service):

Northern Virginia Family Service started in 1924 by a group of volunteers who provided coal during the winter months for families that didn't have a way to afford it. We've evolved tremendously to what we are today, an agency with over 30 programs and over 400 employees. We each have a partner that supports our mission by providing us with the solutions that are affordable and reliable.

Someone pushing a shopping cart with donations in bags. The view switches to someone using a Sharp MFPs printer, touching the keypad located on the printer right next to the screen.

Navara Cannon: In the non-profit world, the demand is always higher than the supply. Food comes in seven days a week. We distribute to 650 families a month. Reliable technology is important. Easy, reliable technology for a non-profit is even more important, because our area of expertise is family services and helping families, not fixing printers.

Someone brings the merchandise inside a walk-in freezer, then it switches to someone packing a donation box picking out tomatoes from a crate. Then someone picks up the box and takes it to the trunk of their car.

Lauren Poirot: In 2010, 2011, we started to pay attention about our budget spent in printing. Everything was not standardized, and it was costing a lot of money to maintain and to support. We decided to replace all of that with Sharp devices. What made Sharp stand out, it was because they are very easy to use, and they provide us with consistency all throughout the agency, which actually helps people to be more productive and more efficient.

A video of someone using the Sharp MFPs printer to make a photocopy by placing the document in the scanner than using the screen located on the printer to start the photocopy.

Navara Cannon: Secure printing is very important, because we have confidential information from both clients and volunteers. Only I can access what I've sent to the printer, and I can send from the printer directly into my files and it's all secure with me.

Navara Cannon is shown interacting with the Sharp MFPs printer to achieve a print job. Once it is done she picks it up from the tray and walks away from the printer.

Lauren Poirot: We made this investment knowing that we would be in it for the long run, because we tend to keep our devices as long as possible. Our goal is to provide the best amount of good for the least amount of money. And Sharp helping us has allowed us to reduce our total cost of ownership for devices by at least 50%, I would say. What Sharp has done for us is to allow us to focus on our mission and to empower individuals and families to improve their quality of life. But it's also very important that we support our employees who work and do a sometimes difficult job every day.

A clip of someone using the MFPs printer in combination of different clips of Navara Cannon doing her daily task around the facility and other staff packaging the boxes picking produce from shelves and crates.