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Sharp's Print Security Service

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Cybersecurity is a top priority for our customers. You may be asking yourself - do I really need to be worried about the security of my networked print devices? The answer is a resounding YES. 

Introducing Sharp's Print Security Service, providing 24/7 event monitoring by our team of cyber and print security experts. Learn more about print security and how we can help in this video.

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Introducing Sharp's exclusive print security service providing 24/7 event monitoring by our team of cyber and print security experts.


Cyber security, our clients consistently name it as a top priority with the security landscape evolving at an exponential pace, Sharp is continually innovating new solutions designed to keep you secure.

A woman types code onto her laptop. There is a printer icon inside of a shield icon and a printer icon with a lock icon on it.

You may be asking yourself, do I really need to be worried about the security of my networks print devices? The answer is a resounding: Yes! Let's take a look at why and the simply smarter way to bolster your defenses.


While significant measures are taken to secure traditional end points like PCs print devices are often overlooked. Unfortunately, cyber criminals are well aware of this making print devices a prime target in their search for any unsecured on ramp to your network.

A diagram with icons representing different security measures pops up. A man wearing dark clothing works on a laptop ad four monitors in a dark room.

With advanced productivity features, the multifunctional printer functions as a terminal on the network connecting authorized users to a multitude of line of business applications.

A diagram shows an MFP icon connected to many applications.

In fact, a 2022 study revealed that over two thirds of organizations across the US and Europe experienced data loss due to unsecure printing practices.

Statistics from QUOCIRCA Printer Security Landscape 2022.

Just as malicious actors are continuously seeking new ways to attack, Sharp has a long history of innovating proactive defenses. Our MFPs are designed with security first features and configurable settings. Sharp's latest security innovation is meant to complement those robust security features with a whole new layer moving from protect to detect with event monitoring.

Security first: Real-time Intrusion Detection, Active Directory Integration, Trusted Platform Module, BIOS Security Check at Startup, Application Whitelisting, End-of-Lease Data Erase, Firmware Attack Prevention, Bitdefender Anti-Virus.

Sharp MFPs generate detailed system logs. These logs can now be automatically analyzed by leveraging our security information and event management or SIEM platform.

Arrows point from an MFP to a group of documents to then computer icon.

This is identical to those used to monitor traditional endpoints. This is an industry first as print devices do not traditionally offer a direct connection to a SIEM solution. In short, it's like adding a print security guard or expert to your team working and patrolling around the clock, 24/7, 365 always on the lookout for potential threats.


So there aren't actually guard dogs involved, but rather our team of cyber and print security experts that staff our security operations center or SOC, when potential threats are detected, this team takes action.

A man types code onto a computer. Another man looks at real time charts of security data.

In summary, here's how the service works. Sharp MFPs and printers compile detailed event reporting and deliver key event notifications such as admin logins, password changes, firmware updates and much more. Sharp print security service collects this information and analyzes it against an entire ecosystem of threat intelligence feeds. When a potential threat is detected, our security operations center is notified to take action.

Images of MFPs, a laptop, a man working on his PC, and two workers sending information to each other via their laptops, pop up.

Our SOC is staffed with cyber and print security experts that will evaluate these potential threats and contact you directly to provide clear and concise feedback regarding the risks and specific recommendations for remediation.


The service can easily be extended to a corporate-wide SIEM system to help protect and monitor all of your endpoint devices.


If cyber security is a priority for your organization, Sharp's exclusive print security service is here to help. Interested in a more comprehensive network security checkup? Contact us today to schedule a complete network security risk assessment with our IT services specialists and discover what makes Sharp solutions Simply Smarter.