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Synappx Collaboration Hub Experience - Demo

Video Length - 03:17

Elyse DiNome, Product Management Specialist at Sharp, demonstrates how to easily start, run and end meetings securely using the Synappx Collaboration Hub Experience application.

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Video Transcript

Audio description of Synappx Collaboration Hub Experience Demo Video



Elyse: So today I'm going to show you the Synappx collaboration hub experience. We're going to be using the new PN-L752B AQUOS BOARD with the optional video and audio as well.


Elyse is standing in front of an AQUOS Board interactive display and is holding her mobile phone in her hands.

Elyse: Right now on the left side of the screen you'll see my phone screen.  You can see that I'm in the Synappx application logged in with my outlook account.


The video displays a split screen, showing the mobile phone screen on the left side and Elyse and the AQUOS Board display on the right side of the screen.

Elyse: So when I go to that Meet tab, you're going to see all of the meetings that I have in there for the day. It loads it in from my Outlook.


Elyse selects the Meet button in the Synappx App on her phone and a list of scheduled meetings are displayed in the app.

Elyse: So right now I want to start that Marketing Meeting. So I tap that meeting, I press start, and it prompts me to tap the NFC tag.



Elyse: I tap that right there and it's going to read my meeting invite and start the appropriate conferencing software. So right now we're going to be using Teams but this also works with GoTo Connect, Google Meet and Zoom.


Elyse taps her mobile phone on the NFC tag on the front of the PN-L752B AQUOS Board interactive display.

Elyse: It connects us to the audio and video

and then we'll be able to see our remote attendees and from there then I could do pretty much everything that I want to do during this meeting on my phone.

The video meeting loads in Microsoft Teams on the AQUOS Board display.  There are three attendees visible on video feeds and they all wave at Elyse.

Elyse:  So we could see how much time we have left. We could add more time if we need it. We can see that document that I shared in my meeting invite. Right under there you have the trackpad feature which is new. It's mouse like control of the display. You can open and close dialog boxes. Pretty much anything that a regular mouse can do.

Elyse is reviewing the meeting options displayed on her mobile phone with the Synappx Collaboration Hub.

Elyse: You could launch pen software from your phone and then of course we have our regular meeting controls. So you could share your screen, camera, microphone and volume control. All right there for you.


Elyse: So Right now I want to share my screen and we want to pull up that document that I shared in my meeting invite. So it's going to go ahead and share our screen. We tap that document. It will bring it down onto the display.


Elyse selects the Share my screen button on her phone and selects the meeting Presentation document that was attached to the meeting invitation.  The document begins displaying on the AQUOS Board display in the Teams Meeting

Elyse: Now you can see my screen changed into the remote control. I want to go into presenter mode. I hit that big blue button right there and then I could go through the slides.


The interface on Elyse’s phone changes to a remote control view.  She selects the presenter mode button and uses the remote control options on her phone to navigate through the presentation slides on the AQUOS Board display.

Elyse: Since this is a touch panel, if I do make any changes to any of the documents, it will be emailed to me at the end of the meeting. We also have easy access to the trackpad from that screen as well. But if we do forget to send anything in our meeting invite or if we want to access another file, we're able to share up to five files at one time.


Elyse: So if I go into that files tab on my phone, since I'm logged into One Drive and Teams, right now I'm able to see all of those documents that I have in there.


Elyse selects the Files tab on her Mobile phone and a list of Recently Modified files from Microsoft OneDrive and Teams displays on her phone screen.

Elyse: Once we're done, I can go ahead back into that meet tab press the end button and it closes everything out for me. So it will end our meeting. It will get rid of that document for us. And if any changes were made it will be emailed to me then.


Elyse selects the Meet tab on her phone, then selects the End button to end the meeting.  The Teams meeting window on the AQUOS Board display behind Elyse closes.

Elyse: And then also a new feature for Synappx is the reset room feature. At the end of the meeting, if IT configures it, then it will wipe out the display. So any documents that were created or saved, or the browser history and cache, could all be toggled on or off to be deleted at the end to leave no trace behind and for better security.


But otherwise, that's the Synappx collaboration hub experience!