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Sourcewell White Paper

Sourcewell's Cooperative Purchasing Reference Guide

The Cooperative Purchasing Reference Guide provided by Sourcewell serves as a comprehensive resource for organizations seeking to understand and utilize cooperative purchasing. Cooperative purchasing, as defined in the guide, involves procurement conducted by or on behalf of governmental units for the benefit of other governmental units. Sourcewell emphasizes its compliance with bid requirements, highlighting its trustworthiness in satisfying procurement needs. As a government agency, Sourcewell operates in a manner familiar to other government entities, and it has been recognized with the Achievement of Excellence in Procurement award. The guide also highlights Sourcewell's competitive advantage, leveraging the collective buying power of its 50,000 members to negotiate contracts with ceiling-based pricing and volume discounts. With over 325 quality vendors holding competitively awarded contracts, Sourcewell provides a convenient and comprehensive solution for organizations. Membership with Sourcewell is free and can be obtained through an online or paper application process. Once approved, members receive a unique Sourcewell member ID number and a welcome packet. The guide further explains the process of making purchases through Sourcewell, either by directly contacting vendors from their catalog of nationally awarded vendors or by seeking assistance from the membership team. It also outlines the steps of Sourcewell's competitive procurement process, from determining the scope of solicitation to the official award and review of contract documents. The advantages of partnering with Sourcewell are highlighted, including their commitment to quality, tailored contracts, and ease of access to necessary documentation. The guide concludes with a section addressing frequently asked questions, covering various topics such as compliance with federal procurement standards, accessing legal documents, buying from other contracts, and Sourcewell's funding model.

Unlock the benefits of cooperative purchasing and streamline your procurement processes with this comprehensive Cooperative Purchasing Reference Guide provided by Sourcewell.