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Government Contracting Firm Upgrades IT Operations and Network Performance with Sharp Managed Network Services

Government Contracting Firm Upgrades IT Operations and Network Performance with Sharp Managed Network Services

Without reliable IT support and management, this government contractor often experienced network performance issues and sometimes spent more than a week waiting for technical support to resolve issues. A completely overhauled IT infrastructure and continuous network monitoring provided by Sharp has nearly eliminated downtime for the firm and ensured end-to-end business continuity.


Business Environment Challenges

A Washington, DC-based contracting firm servicing the federal government was looking for a new IT services provider to improve the company’s overall network performance and efficiency. The existing provider offered remote and on-site services, but could take up to a week to resolve issues, leaving the firm with extended periods of downtime and lost productivity.

In addition to a more reliable support system, the firm needed a flexible provider that would accommodate a fluctuating workload, changes in the employee roster, and payroll.  The firm wanted to conduct an overall assessment of the existing technology infrastructure to determine if it needed to upgrade the existing hardware and solutions as well. The overall goal was to optimize network connectivity and performance, while also drastically reducing downtime hours.


Technology Solutions

The firm enlisted the help of Sharp Business Systems (Sharp) in Washington, DC, to assess the current IT environment. Sharp determined that the firm needed a more structured and reliable network with increased functionality, backed by 24/7 remote and on-site services. As part of a Managed Network Services solution provided by Sharp, the firm was assigned a dedicated remote virtual CIO to oversee the management of the firm’s IT operations and infrastructure. The overhaul also included: around-the-clock network monitoring and management; quick-response help desk assistance; and backup and disaster recovery.


Proven results

With a completely rebuilt network and 24/7 monitoring, the contracting firm realized immediate productivity improvements and nearly eliminated downtime. Coupled with quick help desk support and on-site problem assistance from the Network Operations Center, the firm is able to address issues without delay.

The backup and disaster recovery system, which includes a backup appliance and cloud services, protects all confidential information and ensures quick, reliable recovery when necessary. The around-the-clock server monitoring also features an intuitive client interface, allowing the firm to check the status of their system performance and backup health at any time.

Overall, the firm established a more reliable support system without the need to hire additional IT administrators. All employees have access to direct IT help and support via Sharp, allowing the business to focus on core functions, rather than lose hours troubleshooting technical issues.


Case Study, Government


  • Unreliable network performance
  • Lost hours due to network outages and downtime
  • Inconsistent and delayed IT support


  • Network monitoring and management
  • 24/7 help desk support
  • Backup and disaster recovery services


  • Faster overall network speeds
  • Reliable 24/7 IT support with quick response times
  • Ongoing network management provided by a dedicated, virtual chief information officer (CIO)