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Copier Tutorials


Video Length - 03:26

Ginny demonstrates the new inner folder on the BP series copiers.

Video Transcription



[intro music begins]

Ginny Wilkins (SHARP Field Trainer):

Hi, I'm Ginny with Sharp. I'm going to be showing you our new inner folder with our BP series. We're very excited about this because it's something we have not had on this workgroup.

Ginny Wilkins stands in front of an MFP.

So first, what I'm going to show you is many times people have maybe a binder and they have letter sized pages, but they also have maps, 11 by 17 maps and they don't want to hold them up. So they kind of manually fold them in.

So, what you can do is I can go in to others and I'm gonna first tell it that I have legal, I have ledger paper and letter.

Camera zooms to the MFP display. She selects the Copy icon, selects the Others button and uses the down arrow on the pop up to scroll downward. She selects “Mixed Size original” and changes the setting from “Off” to “Same Width” and then clicks OK.

So there are mixed sizes in there. Once I go to fold, I'm just going to tell it I like a Z fold. It actually knows what I'm doing and start.

She selects the Others button again and selects “Fold”. She changes the setting from “Off” to “Z-Fold” and clicks OK. She then clicks Start.

So when it comes out the letter and the 11 by 17 will be the same size. So if you're putting it in a binder, you don't have the 11 by 17 that you have to manually fold in. So the way it'll come out is you've got your letter, but your map, I have the ability to just, and then goes back to the letter.

Camera zooms to the printer where the printed pages come out. She removes the paper from the printer and shows the map image where half of the image has been folded to accommodate for the large paper size.

The next two folds, I want to show you is Z fold and accordion fold. Now, these are done on your can be done on letter, legal or 11 by 17. But if you are doing letter, you actually need a drawer that runs in a landscape direction.

She opens the first drawer of the printer and shows that the paper is placed horizontally in the paper tray.

So you want to have your paper loaded, what we call letter R. So as soon as you close your drawer, it'll actually say on your paper, 8.5 by 11 R. And the reason is for that folding.

She closes the drawer. The camera zooms to the screen and she clicks on the Copy icon. On the Copy main page, the picture of the printer and its trays shows the second drawer (11x17) highlighted.

So I'm gonna put my original in the exact same direction as that drawer one. And I'm going to choose a drawer under others. We're gonna go to fold and the first one we're gonna do is our C fold.

She places her unfolded brochure page into the feeder. She clicks the second drawer in the printer image and a pop up appears. She selects Paper Tray 1 and then clicks OK. She then clicks Others, selects “Fold” and then selects “C-Fold”.

Now, I can decide, do I want to fold outside, inside? So I'm gonna show you this one. We'll run about 10. This particular I told inside. So maybe if I was doing like an invoice, I would want that particular fold.

She clicks OK. She types “10” for the number of copies and then clicks “Color Start”. Her brochure paper is fed through the machine and a perfectly folded trifold brochure is produced at the other end.

So it actually is going to give me a nice fold. The other style of fold, I feel it would be maybe if you were using a window for an envelope, I'm going to load it in the exact same direction, but I'm going to go to others and I'm going to choose accordion fold.

She selects “Others”, “Fold” and then “Accordion fold”. She clicks OK and the pop up closes. She changes the number of copies to “2” and then presses “Color Start”.

What the accordion fold looks like is, your name will be here and it's an accordion fold. So you have the two choices of either the C fold or more of an accordion fold.

She holds up the accordion fold brochure. It is folded in a Z shape. She then holds up the C fold brochure where both wings are folded inwards.