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Multi-crop Scanning

Video Length - 01:31

Ginny introduces multi-crop and explains why you would want to use it.

Video Transcription



Ginny Wilkins (SHARP Field Trainer):

Now I'm going to talk about something called multi crop.

Ginny Wilkins stands in front of an MFP holding receipts.

Again, I'm gonna find my name. Under others, there's something called multi crop.

She selects “Address Book”, selects “Ginny” and then clicks OK. She selects “Others” on the bottom of the screen, selects “Multicrop” and clicks OK.

Now, what is this for? Have you ever had receipts to come back from, a, a business um thing? And you're like, I've got receipts to everything and you have to each receipt you want to be its own PDF. So you end up sitting doing it one at a time.

She opens the top of the MFP to show the scanner. She places a receipt on the scanner.

Or, I have a bunch of photographs and I want to have to do each one to be its own PDF. So what this allows you to do is place with a little bit of space in between and it even tells you to leave the lid open and it sees that light.

She places all the receipts onto the scanner, spacing them out by an inch or two.

So now when I press start, it's going to see the light in between each receipt and then when I'm done and I will receive four different PDF. I won't receive one. I'll receive four different PDFs so I can now file, save wherever to different locations.

She presses “Start” on the bottom right of the screen and we see a vertical beam scan underneath the receipts. Light from the beam can be seen between the receipts. She presses “Read-End”.