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What's New

Synappx Go and Meeting Version 3.3

Synappx Meeting
  • Collaboration Hub Experience
    • Autodetection of workspace mode.
    • Reset Room feature helps enhance security after each meeting by removing newly added files and folders.
    • Validate System feature checks components for proper installation and configuration.
  • Bug fixes and usability improvements.
Synappx Go
  • Trackpad (Beta) feature brings mouse-like control to the fingertips of users. Open and close any dialogs boxes/pop-ups/applications/browsers, control video playback, and toggle through open applications quickly.
  • Mobile application data logs are available for troubleshooting errors.
  • Bug fixes and usability enhancements.

Synappx Meeting V3.2.1

Synappx Meeting
  • Bug fixes and stability improvements

Synappx Go and Meeting Version 3.2

New and Enhanced features!

Synappx Collaboration Hub Experience
  • Size optimization for 4K resolutions.
  • Camera default ON at the start of the meeting.
  • Screen share default OFF at the start of the meeting.
  • Microsoft Teams meeting screen displays in full-screen mode.
  • Improved meeting main screen navigation Meet, Files, and Control tabs.
  • One tap to start.
    • Scheduled meetings – No need to select a meeting, the meeting will auto-start.
    • Ad Hoc meetings – Tap the NFC tag, and the Meet Now screen displays.
Synappx Meeting
  • GoTo Connect personal meeting room support.
    • You can now start a GoTo Connect meeting with a personal room ID in laptop and workspace mode.
  • Display Input change support for the PN-L752B/862B.
  • ClickShare Improvements.
    • Check in-room audio device status before connecting.
  • Bug fixes and usability improvements.
Synappx Go
  • Bug fixes and usability enhancements.

Synappx Go and Meeting Version 3.1.1

Synappx Meeting
  • Bug fixes.
  • Important: If upgrading from a previous version on a Mac device, close the app before initiating. To launch smart meeting at startup on a Mac device, use the auto launch option in the dock.
Synappx Go
  • Bug fixes and usability enhancements.
Synappx Admin Portal
  • • Synappx Meeting logs are available in addition to Agent logs for Collaboration Hub.

Synappx Go and Meeting Version 3.1

Synappx Meeting
  • Streamlined set up with new Single Sign On (SSO) support for Microsoft and Google cloud storage sites.
  • Bug fixes.
  • Important: If upgrading from a previous version, you must re-log into the app and re-configure settings including optional cloud storage sites (if used).
Synappx Go
  • Streamlined set up with new Single Sign On (SSO) support for Microsoft and Google cloud storage sites.
  • Bug fixes and usability enhancements.
  • Important: If upgrading from a previous version, you must uninstall and reinstall the application from the app store.

Synappx Go and Meeting Version 3.0

Synappx Meeting
  • Introducing Collaboration Hub (Beta)1 for a display-centric, mobile-focused meeting experience   
  • Other usability improvements and bug fixes 
Synappx Go
  • Introducing the Collaboration Hub Meet (Beta)1  feature for a display-centric, mobile-focused meeting
  • No login MFP support (Beta) for copying and scanning via QR Code 
  • Guest custom database (Beta) - register guest users 2  for content share on the display and remote access to the MFP  
  • Other usability improvements and bug fixes 
Synappx Admin Portal
  • Guest custom database 
  • Other usability improvements and bug fixes 


Note: Collaboration Hub is not available for guest users 

1Collaboration Hub requires Synappx Go and Synappx Meeting licenses 
2 Guest users can use content share when authorized 

Synappx Go and Meeting Version 2.7

Synappx Meeting
  • Google Cast support
  • Ad hoc meetings with Zoom
  • Automatic input change to default
Synappx Go
  • Unlock MFPs with Synappx Go rf IDEAS card reader integration
    • Support for PaperCut™ MF and native authentication environments
  • Text to Share and Print
  • Enhanced remote operation: Image and PDF files
  • Automatic input change to default
Synappx mDesk
  • Home and Office modes

Synappx Go and Meeting Version 2.6

Synappx Meeting
  • Additional screen casting/mirroring
    • Official Miracast support
    • ClickShare support
  • Google Meet support for ad hoc meetings
  • Usability improvements
    • Meeting launcher—go back to today’s schedule with one click
    • Meeting timer—option to minimize
    • Improved end meeting experience
Synappx Go
  • New contactless MFP feature: Print Files from Other Mobile Apps
  • New Contactless Share to Display features
    • Remote file operation
    • Share files from mobile apps
    • Open URL on display from mobile device

Synappx Go Version 2.5

Synappx Go
  • Maintenance update

Synappx Go and Meeting Version 2.4

Synappx Meeting and mDesk Experience
  • Meeting Launcher now shows meeting list for seven days!
  • Launch ad hoc meetings with web conferences
  • Auto-connect to meeting room Bluetooth audio
  • Microsoft Teams support for cloud storage and web conferences
  • Enhanced user interface: Red End button
Synappx Go
  • Introducing contactless Copy! Operate Sharp MFPs safely and remotely with Synappx Go.
  • Enhanced Share user experience: Open files via web browser
    • Log in to browser only once per workspace
Synappx Admin Portal
  • Check In Analytics: Understand organization touchpoint trends

Synappx Go iOS Version 2.3.1

Synappx Go
  • Check In support is expanded to include iPhone 7/7+, 8/8+ and X users

Synappx Go and Meeting Version 2.3

Synappx Meeting
  • Automatic Input Switch for faster casting
  • Multiple devices in workspaces
  • Alexa voice improvements
Synappx Go
  • Check In feature to help track employee touchpoints
  • Microsoft Teams support for cloud storage
  • Enhanced scan settings and destinations
  • Share improvements
    • Remote file close
    • One Drive for Business files editable in browser
Synappx Admin Portal
  • Check In Logs
  • Admin Log and System Log Table
  • MICAS and Synappx Go installation on the same PC
  • Enhanced Agent Update

Synappx Go and Meeting Version 2.2

Synappx Meeting
  • Miracast® Support (beta)
Synappx Go
  • Automatic Input Switch for fast, contactless sharing to displays
  • Share to Display Enhancements: Edit Google native files
  • Admin Improvements: MFP discovery, agent log emails, and dark mode
Synappx Admin Portal
  • New admin role: Administrators can now assign support admins for limited access roles like help desks
  • Admin Log: Track administrator changes on the Admin Portal.
  • Organizational Improvements:
    • Up to 5,000 users
    • Multi-domain support for Google Workspace now available

Synappx Meeting Version 2.1.1

New version with improved stability.

Introducing Synappx mDesk

Synappx Meeting Version 2.1

Start your meeting at home or in your office with Synappx mDesk! The Synappx mDesk experience is designed for the flexible workstyle, making everyday collaboration more efficient and productive, whether working from home or the corporate office.
NEW: Synappx mDesk Experience
  • Start Web Conferences with One Click
    • Synappx Meeting launcher shows scheduled meetings—no need to look for meeting URLs or IDs
    • Synappx Meeting Assistant allows easy access to meeting materials, meeting time management, and agenda tracking
    • End the web conference with one click
Synappx Meeting
  • Countdown to Meeting Start:
    The Synappx Meeting reminder now displays a countdown to the meeting start time.
  • Reminder to End Meeting:
    The Synappx Meeting Assistant will display a reminder to end or extend the meeting five minutes before the end time.

Synappx Go and Meeting Version 2.0

Now supporting Google Workspace™ environments! Use your Google Workspace credentials to auto-start meetings with Synappx Meeting and scan, print, and share documents with Synappx Go.
Synappx Meeting
  • New Feature: Share Meeting Materials
  • Additional Web Conference Support
    • Google Meet*
    • Amazon Chime

    • * Meeting end not supported
Synappx Go
  • Mobile Notifications for admins
  • Black NFC Tags now available
Synappx Admin Portal
  • Google Workspace Support: Organizations can now choose Microsoft 365 or Google Workspace as the cloud service provider.
  • System Log: Administrators can download system logs from the Admin Portal.

Synappx Go and Meeting V1.4

New and enhanced features!
Synappx Meeting
  • Additional “My Sharp” skills for voice control:
    • Open Files
    • More Pen Software commands
  • Enhanced End Meeting Experience: Meeting attendees can end web conferences without closing the applications (e.g. Microsoft Teams), and other attendees can see that the call has ended.
Synappx Go
  • New Print Cloud Files Feature: Print files directly from cloud storage
  • More Cloud Storage Options: iCloud and local iOS device files available for share and print
Synappx Admin Portal
  • Multi-Domain Management: All Azure Active Directory domain aliases are displayed and managed on the Admin Portal.
  • Notification Preferences: Each admin can set individual notification options.
  • Export Report Data: Reports for Meeting and Go can be downloaded from the Admin Portal as .csv files.

Synappx Go V1.3 and Synappx Meeting V1.3 are here!

Version 1.3 of Synappx includes new features to help you take productivity wherever you go!
Synappx Meeting
  • Access to Cloud Storage during Meetings: Meetings just became easier—the Synappx Meeting Assistant can now access popular cloud storage services.
  • Access to Meeting Details: View meeting details including location and attendees from the meeting launcher or assistant.
  • Dynamic Presenter: Any attendee can switch mirroring and voice control with one click.
  • Data Categories: View simplified reports by category or set timeframes.
Synappx Go*
  • Automatic Agent Updates: MFP and display agents from version 1.3 and later will update automatically. Admins can customize update timeframes on the Admin Portal.
  • Searchable PDF Support: Users can now scan files as searchable PDFs
  • New Reports: Synappx Go has five new reports available on the Admin Portal.
  • 2,500 Users: Synappx Go now supports up to 2,500 users.
*Go V1.3 release is available for Android only, iOS update is pending
Synappx Admin Portal
  • Multi-Domain Support: Import and license users and workspaces across Azure Active Directory domains.
  • Microsoft Edge Support: Access the Admin Portal from Microsoft Edge and Google Chrome

Synappx Go V1.2

Synappx Go V1.2 includes bug fixes and minor usability improvements.
  • Synappx Go Mobile App – Update your mobile app on your device's application store.
  • Synappx Go Agent – Please follow this link to update the agent files for both the MFP and display agents.

Synappx Go V1.1

Synappx Go is a mobile-centric service leveraging Near Field Communication (NFC) to enable convenient and time-saving scanning to favorite destinations and print release to Sharp multifunction printers (MFPs). You are also able to use your mobile phone and app to select and download cloud content to the Sharp display via an NFC tap.

Synappx Meeting V1.1

Synappx Meeting leverages the Azure cloud, rich clients, mobile and voice technologies to help users start meetings on time and be more efficient. With one click of a button, key meeting components are connected. Your PC is automatically mirrored to the Sharp meeting room display, the web conference starts automatically, and you can easily access meeting materials. Voice commands can be used to save time for common meeting actions.