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Synappx Go for Collaboration

Laptop Experience

Synappx Go for Laptop Users

Synappx Go supports laptop-centric meetings through the following three modes:

Launch on Display (Microsoft 365)
By pairing your laptop with the display, you can automatically launch a meeting both on a meeting room display and on your laptop. The audio and camera on a meeting room display will activate via a web conference started on the in-room PC and help establish instant connections with attendees.  You will also receive remote controls on a meeting room display from your laptop to help conduct efficient meetings.

Cast Your Laptop
Synappx Go assists with casting your laptop and establishing connections and helps auto-launch scheduled meetings, removing technology hurdles such as looking for a meeting URL or looking for the right casting devices to connect to a meeting room display.

Features Launch on Display Cast Your Laptop
Auto-Start Web Conference feature supported feature supported
Auto-Cast Use web conference screen share Google Cast
MirrorOp | ClickShare
Access to Files feature supported feature supported
Meeting Timer feature supported feature supported
Web Conference Remote Control for display/in-room PC feature supported Not applicable
End Meeting feature supported feature supported

Synappx Go at your Desk or Home Office
When you have an assigned Synappx Go user license, you can launch your web conference using the Synappx Go Windows application from your desk or home office.  Click the meeting in the Synappx Go Windows app and Synappx will launch the scheduled meeting, removing the need to look for a meeting room URL.