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Synappx Go for Collaboration

System Requirements

Workspace/Meeting Room Environment for Launch on Display (Microsoft 365 Only)

The Synappx Go experience is designed for the in-room computer collaboration style.

The typical In-Room Computer (PC) contains the following connectivity and components:

  • The in-room computer is connected to a power source, the internet, a camera/audio system via a USB cable, and a room display via an HDMI cable.
  • Connect a touch-enabled display to the in-room computer via a USB cable to enable touch functionality.
  • Synappx NFC Tags can be placed anywhere in the room.

Note: In this environment, laptop users can participate via web conference for screen sharing.

Installed on the In-Room PC:
  • Windows 10 OS
  • Synappx Meeting Application (logged in using meeting room resource account, set for workspace mode)
  • Synappx Go Display Agent Application (mapped to the target workspace)
  • Microsoft Office Application
  • Web Browsers (Edge and Chrome)
  • Sharp Pen Software ( or later)
  • Web Conference Client Apps (e.g. MS Teams, Zoom, etc)

Synappx has an Automatic Input Switch feature. When a meeting is started, it automatically switches to the input assigned to the in-room PC, and when the meeting is ended, it switches back to the default input. To enable the feature, assign a static IP address to the display's network card and connect the display to the ethernet. Configure the Automatic Input Switch feature via the Synappx Admin Portal.

Note: The In-room camera audio device connectivity needs to be established before using Synappx Go.