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Synappx Go for Collaboration

How It Works

Synappx Go at your Desk or Home Office

If you have a Synappx Go User license, you can also use the Synappx Go app to optimize your web conferencing experience.

Select Skip if you are joining a meeting remotely and do not require in-room device connections. The application will not try to connect to a meeting room display, it will simply auto-launch the scheduled web meeting.

For your convenience, you can pre-set where you work, so that we can skip the above step.

Home Mode Icon of a house
When you are working from home and do not require meeting room audio or casting, set your status to Home Mode. Synappx Go skips device connections and just starts web conferences.

Office Mode Icon of an office
When you are in the office, use Office Mode so that Synappx Go will assist with connecting your laptop to a meeting room display and audio device.