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Synappx Go for Collaboration

How It Works

Cast your Laptop Mode

Synappx Go assists with casting your laptop and establishing connections and helps auto-launch scheduled meetings, removing technology hurdles such as looking for a meeting URL or looking for the right casting devices to connect to a meeting room display.

  • Your PC must be connected to the Internet.
  • Your PC must have your organization's casting or mirroring app, Miracast or MirrorOp.
  • Organizations using Miracast also require the Synappx Meeting Cast Assist app on user PCs. Contact your administrator with questions.
  • The audio device power must be on and the client PC Bluetooth must be enabled for automatic audio connection at the start of the meeting. Some speakers require manually selecting Bluetooth pairing mode on the device.

When you start a scheduled meeting, the following actions occur automatically:

  1. The Synappx Go Assistant opens with meeting attachments.
  2. The casting application (ClickShare, MirrorOp, Google Cast, or Miracast with Synappx Meeting Cast Assist  launches (depends on administrator settings, PIN may be required to connect).
  3. The scheduled web conference begins (if web conference information is included in the meeting invite).
  4. The meeting timer begins counting down.
Note: For privacy reasons, screen mirroring will not start automatically. Select the Play icon to start mirroring your PC screen to the display.

If the workspace is not licensed, the start button will be gray and disabled.

Auto-connect for casting and audio is the default setting. Go to the settings icon to manage auto-connect settings.

Supported Environments

Supported Casting Device and Casting Sender Application

Barco ClickShare
(Client App: ClickShare software) ClickShare

  • CX-20, CX-30, CX-50
  • CS-100, CSE-200
  • CSE-200+, CSE-800

MirrorOp Supported Hardware
(Client app: Barco MirrorOp software)

  • WiCS-2100

MirrorOp Supported Hardware
(Client app: Barco MirrorOp software) MirrorOp

  • Wireless Controller PN-L603WA (SHARP)
  • Wireless Controller PN-L703WA (SHARP)
  • Wireless Controller PN-ZB03W (SHARP

For optimal performance, ensure the wePresent  and Sharp touch display firmware updates

  • Sharp PN-Lxx1H series Touch Display Firmware: TP F/W- 6613 or greater
  • wePresent WiPG-1600W Firmware: V2.5.0.25 or later (supports finger touch only)
  • wePresent WiCS-2100 Firmware: V1.6.1.575 or later (supports touch but no differentiation of pen versus finger)

Download Synappx Meeting Cast Assist App

  • Shuttle PC: PN-SPCi7W10C/PN-SPCi5W10C
  • Display: PN-CD701 (with Miracast capability)
  • Microsoft Wireless Display Adapter V2

Google Cast Receivers
(Chromium-based Edge browser)

  • Chromecast (3rd generation)
  • Chromecast with Google TV

Note: Barco's WePresent and MirrorOP applications are discontinued. For their support policy, please contact Barco.

Supported Web Conference Services

Synappx Go supports automatic start and end web conference sessions from the following providers*.

  • Microsoft®  Teams
  • Zoom
  • GoToMeeting
  • GoTo Connect
  • WebEx®
  • Google Meet (end meeting not supported)
  • Amazon Chime
  • Skype for Business
  • StarLeaf

*When the web conference is started with its client application. Auto-meeting end using web browser-based meetings are not supported.

Supported Cloud Storage Services

Synappx Go supports the following cloud storage services to access files during a meeting.

  • OneDrive®  for Business
  • OneDrive
  • Microsoft®  Teams
  • SharePoint®
  • Google Drive
  • Box
  • Dropbox

To use automatic screen casting with Google Cast:

  • Your PC must have the chromium-based Edge browser installed
  • An administrator must configure the casting receiver to use Google Cast/Chromecast.
  1. Start a meeting with the Synappx Go Launcher. The Synappx Go Assistant and Synappx Chromecast sender app (based on the chromium-based Edge browser) will launch automatically.
  2. Click the “play” button. Synappx Go automatically searches for and connects to the configured Chromecast device in a meeting room.
  3. Select Cast desktop from Sources.
  4. Select your Chromecast device.
  5. Select your PC screen. Then select Share.
End Screen Casting

End the meeting and disconnect casting by selecting the Synappx Go End button.


  1. Select the “stop” button.
  2. Select your Chromecast device.

Automatic screen casting with Miracast is available when Synappx Go Cast Assist installed and an administrator configures the casting receiver to use Miracast.

  1. Start a meeting with Synappx Go. The Synappx Go Assistant and Synappx Go Cast Assist app will launch automatically.
  2. Enter the PIN when requested to start casting.
  3. End the meeting and disconnect casting by selecting the End button. [View Image]

Some display devices support multiple inputs. Once the casting input is configured by a Synappx administrator, the device will switch to the casting input when a meeting is started or when the casting button is selected.

Meeting attendees can become presenters by selecting the casting/voice icon on the Meeting Assistant. (Attendees must first start the meeting on their individual meeting launchers to obtain access to the Meeting Assistant.) [View Image]