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Synappx Go for Collaboration

Configuration Steps

Install Applications Using Synappx Collaboration Installer

  • Before following the steps, ensure the prerequisites are met.
  • You must have administrator privileges on the PC to install the software.
  • Be sure to allow pop-ups on your web browser (Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge) before downloading the installer.
  • If you are configuring multiple rooms at one time please follow the steps outlined here.

The Synappx Collaboration Installer helps facilitate the installation of key applications on the in-room PC.

From the Synappx Go Admin Portal, go to the Downloads tab.

  1. Select Synappx Collaboration Hub Installer.
  2. Select Download to download the installer to the admin PC or target PC/server.
  3. Unzip the file in the PC/server location. The package will include the files shown below.
    • Logs
    • PenSoftware
    • SynappxGoDisplayAgent
    • SynappxMeeting
    • Setup.exe
    • Setup.exe.config
  4. Right-click Setup.exe, then select Run as administrator.
  5. Windows displays the User Access Control (UAC) consent prompt. Select Yes to launch the installation wizard.
  6. After a brief security check to ensure the installer software has not been modified, the install wizard screen appears, listing the Synappx applications to install.

    Note: By default, all three applications are selected:
    • Synappx Go Display Agent
    • Synappx Meeting (From Microsoft App Store)
    • Pen Software
    Select or deselect the applications to install and then select Next.
  7. Read the End User License Agreement (EULA) and select I accept the terms in the license agreement. Then select Next. 
  8. The install apps confirmation screen appears, select Next.  The installation process will begin; it could take up to several minutes to complete. 
  9. When the Activate with Synappx Admin credentials to complete configuration screen appears in the bottom right corner of your display, select Activate Synappx Go.
  10. Enter your Synappx Admin login credentials to associate the Synappx agent with your company.

    Note: If your company has other authentication processes (e.g., Ping), you may need to enter your credentials again. A confirmation dialog will confirm the successful agent activation and association.

  11. After the installation of the Synappx Go agent and Pen Software, the Microsoft Store app will automatically launch to download the Synappx Go Windows application. Select Get. After the download is complete, select Open.
  12. Login to the Synappx Go Windows application using the meeting room resource account. (Microsoft 365 only)
  13. The installation wizard displays the completion status, select Finish. The Synappx Admin Portal login screen will appear, to associate the successfully installed Synappx agent with the licensed workspace. See Associate a Room Display and Agent to Workspace for details.