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Synappx Go for Collaboration

Configuration Steps

Step 1: Log In (First Time) to Admin Portal


  • An email containing the Synappx Admin Portal URL will be sent to the assigned administrator when your organization signs up for Synappx. Google Workspace admins must complete the Admin Console setup before logging in to the Admin Portal. See the Synappx Admin Portal configuration step for more information.
  • The first administrator to log in must have Azure AD admin privileges for Microsoft 365 or Google Workspace admin privileges to authorize Synappx Meeting and/or Synappx Go features for users. Subsequent administrators do not require Azure or Google Workspace admin access.
  1. Use your Google Workspace or Microsoft 365 credentials to log in to the Synappx Admin Portal on the latest version of Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge.
  2. Microsoft 365

    Check the Consent on behalf of your organization box and select Accept.

    Google Workspace

    When logging in to the admin portal, select all required permissions.

  3. Review the Terms of Use (Synappx Privacy Policy) for Synappx Go Windows users (and Synappx Go mobile, if also licensed).

    Note: Agreement with the Terms of Use is only required with the initial Admin Portal login.
  4. The Synappx Go Admin Portal homepage will appear. [View Image]