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Synappx Go for Collaboration

Configuration Steps

Step 3: Allocate Licenses

Assign Licenses to Workspaces

Once workspaces are imported to the Synappx Admin Portal, a license need to be assigned to each workspace to enable Synappx Go Windows application..

Select the target workspace and select Assign License.

Licenses can also be assigned using the Actions options Actions options Icon menu. The license status summary will be displayed on the top of the Workspaces page.

The Admin Portal Workspaces screen allows you to manage Synappx workspaces:

  • View the license status summary including the Total number of Workspaces and Licenses, Active Licenses, and Inactive Licenses
  • Assign or remove licenses
  • View All, Search, select, add and remove workspaces
  • View the License Status, Location, Features, Email, and Actions options for each workspace