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Synappx Go for Collaboration

Configuration Steps

Step 5: Associate a Room Display and Agent to a Workspace

After successfully installing the Synappx Go Display agent on the in-room PC from the Admin Portal, follow the steps below to associate a room display and agent to a Workspace.

  1. Start by selecting Workspaces from the Admin Portal.

    The Admin Portal Workspaces screen allows you to manage Synappx workspaces:
    • View the license status summary including the Total number of Workspaces and Licenses, Active Licenses, and Inactive Licenses
    • Assign or remove licenses
    • View All, Search, select, add and remove workspaces
    • View the License Status, Location, Features, Email, and Actions options for each workspace
  2. Select the target workspace and the Workspace Configuration screen appears. In the Display section, select the Display Agent plus icon plus symbol to add a display agent. The Workspace Configuration screen includes:
    • Workspace Name, Location, Email, Note, and Edit button
    • MFP, Display, Bluetooth Audio, and Check In sections

    The Display section includes:
    • Display number, name, plus (add) and minus (remove) icons
    • Display Agent plus (add) and minus (remove) icons
    • Casting / Mirroring plus (add) and minus (remove) icons
  3. Select the installed display agent (PC name is displayed) to assign and click OK.
    The Select Display Agent to Associate With This Workspace screen includes the Display Agent Name, ID, and Device type.
  4. Your workspace will now list the associated display agent in the Display section of the Workspace Configuration screen.
    If you wish to achieve automatic input switching, enter each display input used for the in-room PC and IP address of the display's network board. See Automatic Input Switch for details.
  5. For the desired display, select Configure and enter the nickname for the display and IP address of the device NIC (Network Interface Controller) card (static IP) and the port used to communicate with the display (default 10008).
    Once the workspace configuration is completed, including NFC tag mapping and Synappx Meeting application installation, you will see the C icon under Features on the Workspaces screen.