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Synappx Go for Collaboration

Configuration Steps

Full Screen Mode

The Fullscreen Mode within the Synappx Go Windows application - Settings – Options helps simplify and control the meeting experience for users and IT administrators by automatically enabling the In-Room PC Security feature.

When you select  Fullscreen Mode by tapping the toggle and then relaunching the PC, you will see the Synappx application in full-screen mode.

The screen consists of two sections :

  1. Schedule
    • A list of meetings scheduled in the workspace (The option to display only the next meeting is available in the settings.).
      • Users can start a meeting by tapping the NFC tag (when configured), scanning a QR Code on their smartphone, or entering the code from their laptop (Launch on Display).
  2. Applications
    • The selected applications by the IT administrator will be displayed to provide convenient access while preventing unwanted access to other installed applications.

Screen Customization

Users can customize the Fullscreen Mode look and feel by changing the background image or color to help personalize the experience and increase user engagement.

Setting Description
Room Name Change the room name that appears on the home screen.
Logo Image Change the logo image displayed on the home screen.
Background image Change the background image of the home screen.
Show images in a folder every 〇 hours Rotate images in the specified folder at the specified time and displays them as background images. The time can be set to two decimal places. (Example: 0.25 hours = 15 mins)
Font color Change font color.
Section color Change background color.
Transparency Change the transparency of the section color on the home screen.
Show next meeting only Only the most recent scheduled entry is displayed in the meeting list.